Tommy Condell vast improvement

I understand that we have more offensive weapons this year with Joseph and Armstead, but man, lateral (backwards pass) to Armstead who passes it to … Joseph who then runs in for the TD = brilliance. NEVER would have that happened under Marcel Bellefhfahhsdf. We may have lost, but I was still smiling about that on the drive home. How many other QB’s can say that they have a recieving TD?

Go Riders!!

yes, that was a sick move.

too bad they couldnt pull out the win tho....crappy punting and slow first half killed them.

Not to disagree with you on the punting, or turn this into a topic about punting and not Condell, but from what I heard, after the first on (decent punt) was returned for the TD, King Congi =) was told to angle them out and I think that got him nervous a bit and well... you saw what happened. This is where Paul is dearly missed.

Go Riders!!