Tommy Condell’s brutal playcalling

Am i missing something here? SSK defence just that good or our offence that bad? Play calling has been horrendous. The RB’s have prob led the game in passing targets. We have scored 8 points since the 1st qrtr of Winnipeg game. 5 min left in 4th this game. Is Tommy Condell’s
Offence so basic, that other teams can scheme easily? It feels like it has just been a continuation of one long grey cup game from 2019; like WPG unlocked our weakness and the last two weeks teams been feastin’. This is painful, O-line can’t protect, this has been brutal.


I've never been a fan of his offence even going back to the Austin days. He never commits to the run and as a result the offence seems very predictable.

In 2018 he took over the Argos offence. He had three 1000 yard receivers to work with in Green, Carter and Edwards. Still though the offence was anemic and the Argos finished with a 4-14 record.

Condell had a couple of decent runs in 2015 and 2019. However any team with a strong pass rush easily neuters his offence as we witnessed in the 2019 Grey Cup.