Tommy Condell our new OC and recivers coach

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I like.

Guess all three of us raced to the forums at once :lol:

Anyway, Condell coached alongside Austin for the past 3 years at Cornell. Not a surprising move bringing in someone he is very comfortable with. I like it.

Tommy you have the weapons to do some damage; just needs to point the weapons in the right direction :cowboy: .

Another piece of the puzzle drops into place.!!

Not a huge surprise. Welcome Tommy! :slight_smile: :frowning:


Saskatchewan had the third best offense, in terms of points scored in '06 and #2 in the league in both rushing & recieving TD's in 06' with Condell as OC, this could be promising....

I won't get a tad excited until our d-coordinator is squared away, or drastic imporvements on D are made of course!

P.S. I like how Justin Medlock's helmet from 2011 (I can tell by the facemask) as the pic at the top of the article on :smiley:

I'm a bit surprised they're not holding onto Jeremaine Copeland as receivers coach.

I'm Happy about this. Can't wait to see who is brought in as DC.

Important matters are being addressed much faster than last year. I like this.

With coaching and management in place, Austin can interview his scouts

and either make plans for players to chase or lock others into our training

camp now. Too much time was wasted last year looking for a HC and

eventually, the move that was finally made may have been out of panic.

Looking good. Things are shaping up quickly.

Didn't Austin work with Marshall in Ottawa in '03, or '04'? Could he be our D-coordinator again soon?

Well that was a quick evaluation of the current coaching staff.

I'm glad to see fast action in building the coaching staff too. I think we need to install a new DC very soon too.

As for Jermaine Copeland, I'm sorry to see him go and I wonder how they could have decided so quickly that he was not suitable. Our receivers were quite effective in 2012 and I thought he was viewed favourably.

I can't say I'm happy to see the OC take on an additional role as receivers coach either. If he's going to do that, then we need position coaches for other aspects of the offence for sure... QB, RBs, OL. I wonder if any of the current assistants will be retained or if it will be a complete housecleaning.

Coordinators pretty much always assume the role of coaching a position. Not uncommon at all, and I don't see anything wrong with it.

My initial re-action was 'Oh no, Austin is just hiring his buddies', but when I read the whole article I calmed down and noticed that this guy seems to know what he's doing who also has a positive professional relationship with Austin.

Well.. you know the HC and the OC will be on the same page... that is only a good thing.... good hire IMO

Yup. In Toronto, Brady is OC/QB coach. In Montreal, Meyer is OC/O-line coach. It's common practice.

Condell comes to us with some good CFL and Us college ball pedigree. Just as importantly,
he and Austin have worked together for a few years and are acquainted with one another's
thinking in terms of running a productive offense.

I think Condell is a good choice, but like most of you, my interests remain in the development
of a good (great) defense.

Keep the ball moving!!!

Yes absolutely. If Austin and crew can build a solid defense then this team would be unstoppable. I think people are anxiously awaiting who the new DC will be.