Tommy Condell interviews in MTL

Argos’ Tommy Condell interviews with Alouettes
Posted on December 7, 2017 by Justin Dunk

If Condell goes to MTL, you could definately add MTL to the list of destinations for Collaros if he is released or traded!

It is no secret that Zach had his best seasons under direction of Condell.
When Condell suddenly left, Collaros stats suddenly dropped at the same time.

I can see it now during the interview

Question from Kavis during the interview

Why should we hire you??

Answer from Condell

I can get you Collaros!

Condell would definitely want Collaros as his starter in Montreal.

If Ray retires, and we cut Collaros loose, Collaros could still make some good cash, because Toronto, Montreal and perhaps the Riders and BC could enter a bidding war for him.

Tillman is a magician if we get anything for Collaros in a trade.

Here we go with my ideal "ifs"
If Condell gets hired in Montreal they trade for Collaros
If Ray retires Toronto trades for Johnny Football's rights
If Masoli signs in Hamilton we win the Grey Cup

There is my ideal trifecta.

That is the perfect scenario!

I've been saying for months we won't be able to trade Collaros. This is the only scenario where we might be able to get anything.

Condell signs with MTL and Ray retires. It's a stretch but possible.

me three.

I don't see a trade coming. I simply see Zach being released before he gets his big cheque due soon. Any team can grab him then. Am I missing another scenario? I don't think the Cats want to be out any cash while waiting for another transaction to happen.

If two-to-four teams are competing for him, that would seem to increase the odds of a trade happening.

Unless the Cats pay Collaros the $250K on Feb. 1, or allow other teams to talk with him and work out a new contract deal with him, before that date, there will not be a trade.

My first thought was that if Condell ends up in Montreal, Tasker won't be too far behind. But yes, I could also see them going after Collaros.

Kavis traded for Durant last season on Jan.13
By trading for Collaros, MTL would acquire Collaros for 2018.(he is still under contract for 2018.)
If Kavis releases Durant, that would free up over $425K off their Cap(Durant probably has a bonus due in Feb. also)
$115K is a lot of extra Cap hit, but Collaros is a huge upgrade over Durant!

If they wait until Zach is released he is free to go to the highest bidder and there would be a lot of interest!

Collaros will sign with either Toronto or Montreal as a free agent. No team is going to trade for his rights when everyone knows he wants to stay out East and has good understanding of the Trestman (via Milanovich) and Condell systems. At best you can squeeze a little something out of one of these two teams if Ray retires. If Ray comes back, Popp has no way to compete with the money The Great Kazoo throws around.

Collaros was a victim of a Crap O line and an inept receiving corps.

2 of the crap receivers Collaros had went on to 1,000 yard seasons this past year. Tasker and Saunders.
Banks has never been much of a receiver until Jones came in and he had Masoli chucking him the ball.
Did Banks get good at 30 years old or was there some big time chemistry with Masoli and Banks?

Highly doubt Tasker leaves. He like Hamilton and its close to home.

Here is a "Would you rather"
Keep one player

Both guys had great seasons with Banks being as good as anyone in the league second half of the season.
Is Banks the product of Jones system and would he be easily replaced?
Banks is extremely durable but Luke is still 26 soon to be 27 years old.

My would you rather is Luke Tasker.

as for the above post, I would hold on to Tasker. Its hard to get a Ben Cahoon type receiver.

as for Tommy Condell... I can see why Montreal is interested in him. I liked when he was with the Ticats, and i'm sure he played a good part of the turn around in Toronto last year. I think he was the first one to come in when others left. To me, he is a guy you want in your organization.

Sounds great, if you ignore the part where he walked out on his previous team just before the season started, leaving them in a hopeless bind.

ya ... you are right...ExPat, i shouldn't have forgotten about that.

Wasn't it for family reasons though at that time?