"Tommy (Condell) does an outstanding job"

"We have an offensive coordinator, we have a quarterback coach and Tommy does an outstanding job." That is a direct quote from Orlondo.Steinauer when asked about Khari Jones arrival in Hamilton and what it meant for the current coaching structure.

Now I'm fine with saying the coaches will stay the same, but to say that Condell has been doing "an outstanding job" is oblivious, tone deaf and simply WRONG. I was shocked to read those words. Maybe he's just covering for a pal, but good grief.... OUTSTANDING??? lol. We're in a lot of trouble if Condell is considered outstanding by management.

I feel sick.


Khari is bringing a great attitude with him. Welcome aboard!

“It’s my third time in Hamilton and it’s the last team I threw a ball with, so it’s pretty cool. I’ve been an admirer of this team from afar for a long time. When it was posed to me it was not a tough decision to join. Their success speaks for itself, making the Grey Cup two years in a row, and the culture Orlondo has developed here is great. I’ve seen it from the other side and tried to match it,” Jones said.

“It’ll be a different challenge for me, but I’m looking forward to it.”


Hey Kmarch I've got news for you. Don't question the man behind the curtain.

It's an Old Boys Club. The Cats haven't outright fired a Head Coach, GM or co-ordinator since Cortez in 2012. Everybody in the last 10 years quietly moves on to another gig.

Neither have the Steelers , Patriots or the Stamps . Why not emulate the great programs rather than copy the weak ones . Stability in a franchise should always be the goal . Constant firing and rebuilding gets you nowhere.


Naw. They must've meant that Condell is out standing in the rain. Nobody's THAT stupid. :grin:


I agree with that 100% if you have the right personnel in place. However if there's a weak link in there it can cripple the whole organization. A good example is 2012 with our high powered offence nullified by the atrocious Casey Creehan led defence.

There's no need to fire everybody but a tweak here or there could make a big difference as we saw in 2017 when Jones took over from Austin.


Why in the world would anyone expect Coach O to publicly say anything else. If he did he wouldn't get any respect as a leader.


Says the Bomber fan .

Exactly. He wouldn't. Expect a canned response and nothing more.

It's like watching a player interview. "We need to execute, we need to make more plays, blah, blah, blah."

Orlondo and Condell go back over 10 years. He's not about to throw him under the bus.

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"The armchair managers are right about the guy I hired, he sucks! I haven't fired him yet, but I probably will any day now." <-- How too many Ticat fans imagine a professional Coach/GM should talk


Again, I wouldn't expect coach O to say that. But saying that Condell is doing an outstanding job is an insult to the intelligence of anyone watching. The Cats O is TERRIBLE. So is he implying that the personnel is terrible and Condell is doing outstanding despite the lack of skill?

It's a preposterous quote. A reasonable quote would be:

"The offence has struggled but Tommy is our offensive coordinator and that will not change this season. Khari is here to help bring our offence to the level needed to compete for a championship, but Tommy Condell is, and will be our offensive coordinator."

Not: The guy responsible for calling terrible plays and responsible for our terrible offence is doing an outstanding job. It's a stupid comment. And it intensifies the argument that the Cats management has no clue what they are doing.

I'm about done with this franchise. Nothing but misery since 1999. And your argument is equally dumb. Nowhere did I say that coach O should throw Condell under the bus, but saying he's "OUTSTANDING".... are you serious!?!?!. You must be related to Tommy because your reply also makes no sense. Please tell me how Condell is doing "outstanding". I'll even take "decent". Quick answer... HE'S NOT. The Cats O is an embarrassment. You're implying that Condell is doing just A-Okay.

Pffffffffft. What a joke.

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Kmarch despite your very reasonable response you gotta remember one thing. Many posters on this forum could care less about how the team is playing or what their win-loss record is. What they are most concerned about is making the playoffs even if it is with an under .500 record.


I believe that is very in accurate.

I would love to see us dominate for at least a few good years! Hasn't happened in my lifetime and I aint no kid.

This limping into the playoff scenario sucks! Get on a rampage and win big including the GC.


The really sad part is that the Hamilton Sports Group Partnership boys feel the same way.

That "OUTSTANDING" comment regarding Condell's performance was a puzzler all right. I thought (wrongly) that mediocrity was considered "OUTSTANDING" amongst challenged people or infants.

I think most us thought that Pro football was 'results oriented'. Apparently that's not the case anymore.


Well public statements and private statements are different. Unless he intends to replace Condell this week there is nothing to be gained by publicly tossing him under the bus now.
Interestingly our crappy offense has Dane 3rd in the league in yards.

  1. Collaros 1536 yds in 6 games
  2. Fajardo 1488 yds in 6 games
  3. Evans 1423 yds in 5 games

Turnovers and a failure to capitalize in the red zone are the largest problems. Hopefully Khari can provide a calming effect on the sideline and some unpredictability in our redzone offense. What happens after that as far as who is the offensive coordinator going forward can be handled privately.

And yes I'm as surprised by these stats as you are.


After decades of losing with 3-15 type seasons many fans are now conditioned to be happy with a .500 team squeaking into the playoffs.

To be truly dominant the management needs to hire the best people at every single position. The Cats have had quality people in the organization over the years but there always seems to be some deficiency at the same time.


Really ? I haven't seen that on this site but perhaps you are restating the views of another site that nobody bothers with because of it's irrelevance .


There you go, that sums it up very nicely.