Tommy Campbell and DeVier Posey released

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I’m surprised that DeVier Posey was released. Did he just want too much $?


well perhaps he would have. But I doubt it.
He’s really fortunate not to be in jail for or dead with his back pack full of drugs and running away from cops fiasco a while back.
If a team cuts you outright without a discussion it is not about the money.

I am a bit surprised about Posey. A bit inconsistent and injury susceptible though. But they have some guys ready to be a number 1 receiver imo

The Montreal Alouettes have released receiver DeVier Posey.
Posey was set to collect a $30,000 roster bonus on February 1. He could have made $115,000 in base salary and $30,000 for reporting to training camp and passing his physical in 2020.

Hmmm with the limited information available I can only conclude DM strikes again!

I think he did want too much, and that with the talent we had at his position, he was expendable. Another casualty of Kavis’ overspending, which in all honesty is probably what he had to do to get guys to come here, particularly if there was a competing offer. Quann Bray had a more productive season than Posey, for half the money. Jake Wieneke is a star in waiting, and a big play guy already, for half the money. Dante Absher has all the tools, and is hungry to get his shot, for half the money. Geno Lewis is well on his way to being All CFL, and he got paid, but not overpaid.

B.J. Cunningham is gonna have to be awfully motivated to hold on to his spot, but thats five quality guys, most young, with valuable experience and some great teachers. I expect too theres always a surprise rookie in camp every year. Posey was hard pressed at 175k to hang on. As much as I was a fan of his, he’s never had a 1000 yard season, he’s slight and injury prone. One of the main reasons that Khari chose not to dress him in the ESF, and to Poseys’ credit, he wanted to go, is that his leg injury, if not given proper time to heal, could have been career threatening. I think he’s 100 per cent now, but… I understand and agree with K.J. decision not to take any chances then, and Dannys’ decision now.

Dline signings are coming up next. Not too worried about losing Posey and TC.

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Yeah, Kavis likely had to overspend to get free agents to come here, and he could do that because we weren’t spending a ton of money at quarterback. Now we are, but … we are suddenly a more attractive destination with a great young head coach in place and new ownership. So hopefully that balances out.

Good American receivers are more or less like good American running backs: relatively easy to find, given how many are churned out by the US college system. Between Bray, Wieneke, Absher, Lewis, Cunningham (if he stays), and whoever surprises in camp, I think we’ll be fine at receiver.

I presume that Campbell and Posey will sign with another CFL team, at a reduced salary.

DB Tommie Campbell- I say Calgary or Winnipeg.

WR DeVier Posey- I say Ottawa, or Calgary or Winnipeg.


Always easy to say after the fact … the REAL $64,000 question is whether Miles/Sklowick/KJ wanted him back

As much as I dislike Maciocia, I can’t believe that he’s making these personnel decisions without input from Khari and the coordinators. If we’re cutting Campbell loose, it’s because Jones and Slowik and maybe Miles feel that we can find someone cheaper to replace him at his position.

I will say that given all the injuries in the secondary last year, we have more DB depth than people might think, international and national alike. Ryan Carter, Ty Cranston, Jarnor Jones, Greg Reid, Dominique Termansen, Ciante Evans (if he re-signs), Chris Ackie (ditto), Loffler if he’s healthy. So it’s possible that the coaches think we can survive a few high-priced losses on the backend if it means we use that money to shore up the defensive line. Every DB looks better when the defense is able to pressure the QB.

I suspect the Als wanted to move on for Tommie Campbell regardless of salary as the plan is to start Najee Murray into the secondary.

Exactly … if he is not giving due accord to the coaches opinions I expect word will leak out …

Well, word will leak out a lot slower because Maciocia is the media darling in Montreal, but yes, I take your point. :wink:

I mean, look, I don’t like Maciocia, but he at least is saying the right things in terms of justifying his decisions. On releasing Campbell, Posey et al. he pointed (in a Herb article) to Calgary and Winnipeg as examples of successful teams that don’t have high-priced free agents at every position. They are selective about where they choose to spend. I’ve certainly heard worse justifications from past GMs about more questionable decisions. Whether Maciocia believes his own spiel and has matured enough to be able to act in a rational and level-headed manner as GM – that’s a whole other and open issue. But I don’t hate these releases. Both players, Campbell and Posey, are being cut from areas where we have depth (DB and receiver).

Maciocia is not the only GM releasing players just before they are due a bonus:

Yeah, that’s unfortunate but standard practice in the CFL. If you want to release a player, you don’t wait until after the player collects a bonus before doing it. Popp did it all the time too.

Standard practice in the NFL too … guaranteed contracts would solve that but then most everyone would be on one year contracts and likely paid less to mitigate risk … IMO a few players would benefit and most would be no better off, likely making less, even on one year deals as teams would be stuck with players on the cap all season unless they were legitimately 6-gamers.