Tommorow's Depth Chart

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Casey at QB

Quinton Porter
#2 back up QB

Richie Williams
#3 back up QB

Charles Thomas
is back at RT

Jesse Lumsden starts

Terry Caulley backs up

Tre Smith dresses PR/KR
and 2nd back up at RB

J.P. Bekasiak dresses

1st time this year
as a back up OL

Glasper is starting at safety

backed up by Rontarious Robinson

Geoff Tisdale takes his DB spot

Bo Smith dresses

1st time this year
as a back up DB

Adam Kania dresses

1st time this year
as a back up at DE

Tisdale and Anthohy on D.

Offense looks familiar.

Should be more of the same.

What happens if Nick Setta (God forbid!) is unable to play? Who steps in for placekicker or punter?

Without Moreno playing, I wonder why Siskowic isnt getting a shot? He looked agressive in the preseason.

Being on the depth chart doesn't necessarily mean you're dressing.

The players listed will all be dressed, JFL.

Also, the players who will start
are listed as first string because

they worked on the plays
of this game's game plan,

few of the others had any reps
in practice working on them.

Okay, you mean listed in your post, right?
Then which 3 imports and 1 non-import from the depth chart are sitting?