Tom Wright's contract extension

What is everybody's thoughts on commissioner Tom Wright's extension ? What do you think he has done good/ bad for the league ?

Wright has been the best thing to happen in the head office in a very long time. I'm glad he'll be around for another year. I'm sure he'll be around for a lot longer then that.

Depends on whether he's been de-nutted. I was pinning my hopes on him spear-heading an expansion team out east.
Nonetheless, good for him on making $400,000/yr. (even though he wanted a 2 year deal and a raise and didn't get either.

Tom Wright makes Gary Bettman look like a used car salesman (nothing agains't used car salesman but you know what I mean). He is very polished and has so much class. I hope he wants and gets a long term extension next time if he continues to do excellent work.

I like what was written in the Toronto Star as below by John Challinor of Sony, one of the CFL's sponsors:

"He ... understands how important (the CFL) is in terms of Canada's cultural identity," Challinor added.

I think Challinor hit the nail on the head with the relationship between the CFL and it being part of Canada's culture. Nice to see the corporate world recognizing that there is more to Canada than frozen pucks and ponds. Nice stuff Sony!

From the marketing and endorsment point of view he's done great. From football operations.....I dunno....Never hear about that stuff...(Is it in his job description?)

Happy as Hell! :smiley:

He will help the league become a blanced 10th team league!!!

That's what it's all about....cultural identity! All countries have theirsports and games and that's what makes them different from all others.

Personally...I think Tom Wright is doing an awsome job. And I think that if more Canadians truly think that the CFL is worth it, they need to start showing up to the games and start watching less NFL

Tom Wright should have the commish's job for as long as he wants it (assuming he doesn't become a power hungry loon). He's done a great job for the CFL.

I am in the minority when I say that he has not done as good a job as everyone thinks he has. Yes, he has secured some sponsorships... but he's getting credit for something that he didn't do, and that's get owners for Hamilton and Toronto (you can thank Braley in BC for that). Not to mention the Ottawa Renegades situation where he fumbled the ball badly there. Instead of putting pressure on the old ownership group, he decided to do nothing. This is the reason why the team is averaging 17,000 a game, because they didn't have time to market the team thanks to Wright. Also, when the Renegades said that they needed to sell or they may not field a team, what did our "great leader" do?? He took a vacation. In a time of crisis, he took a vacation. That to me is not the way a leader should be. And let's continue on to recent news. When Rough Rider great Frank Clair died this year, the Renegades wanted to remember him by putting the letters "FC" on their helmets. It lasted only 2 games because Wright demanded that the team take it off of their helmets because it wasn't part of the league mandate for dress-code. I'm sure I'll get some slack for this, but behind the scenes, the other owners happen to agree with everything I've said, and that is why they very very reluctantly gave Wright a 1 year extension.

Tom Wright really has little control of what happens, it's the board of govenors that make the decisions, he just brings them up to them to vote. If im wrong im about this someone please fill me in. I really don't think marketing has much to do with low attendance, as i said before, this isnt the first year of football in ottawa, they knew the gades were gonna play, 3 weeks before the season or not , if there were people who were going to buy the season tickets prior to the 3 weeks, im sure they still would of during the period before the season opener. It's not too tough to call ticketmaster or go online to get tickets. Plus without the NHL there really was no other venue in which to spend your money on. professional sports wise. The low attendance confuses me, it seems like you ( ottawa ) doesnt want to support a team that is not a contender just quite yet. but when it came to hockey, there was a period where the Sens didnt do much, but still got support. You guys should really look at Rider and Bomber fans , they show up in hoards regardless.