Tom Wright

I'm sad to see this guy go. In my opinion he has done nothing but good for the CFL. Wright has increased attendance, tv ratings and imposed a "profit management system" to help level the playing field. Why don't the owners like this guy? Is it because he refused to allow the owners free reign? If that is so, Wright is being let go simply because he was doing his job.

Its because he was leveling the playing field. He was making the smaller market teams to be on the same pedistal as, say, BC, or Montreal. You know the guys with so much more money , thats why.

Thats exactly what I thought. Aparently the "big money" teams in the league don't see the fact that a level playing field benefits the league as a whole

He dropped the ball on the Gades but they were losing money and we would have had to bail them out plus we got a pair of good players out of the deal. All I have to say is that every game this year is televised so something must be going WRIGHT (bad joke)

Worst pun ever....nice try though. As soon as I heard that the Glieberman's were taking ownership of the Ottawa franchise for what? the 43rd time now? I knew that it was going to be a flop. I'm not sure what anyone was thinking on that one.