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Excuse me if I've missed something, but in what way are you "behind the scenes" smyth_cam? You must have a pretty important job in the league with all the smack you've been talking and how you've been insulting other people around here as of late. Classy.

Smithcam says it's Wright's fault for sell the gades to the Gliebs in the first place. What should he have done? Folded the ems right then and there?????
Amazing how someone can find 2 new owners in the same year. Bring TV audiences to record levels. Attendance is higher than it has been in years. Numerous new sponsors have been brought into the fold and football is taking off in the Atlantic Provinces. You have the nerve to blame Tom Wright? You call him lazy for taking a vacation? I am sure you take your vacation every year without fail!!!!

What exactly do you want him to do? He cannot force the owners to field a team! I have heard lots of complains but I have yet to hear a valid suggestion from you. What would you do if you were in charge?
The bottom line here is that refuse to recognize the truth. The ones to blame are the people in in Ottawa for not supporting the team. It doesn't matter who the owners are if people don't attend the games the team will fail. Go ahead and blame TW or the mayor or the guy who cuts the grass if it makes you feel better. Ottawa is to blame for for a large portion of the problem.

From CBC Sports:
May 28, 2005: The CFL board of governors approve the sale of the Renegades to the Gliebermans and previous part owner Bill Smith of Orillia, Ont.

[url=] ... gades.html[/url]

Obviously "CFL board of governors" is some secret code for "Tom Wright"

Sorry, smyth-cam, but Tom Wright did not, nor could not have singlehandedly approved the sale of the Gades to the Gliebermans. Any decision like that is subject to the approval of the BOG, so let's put the blame where it is deserved.

The only thing Wright is guilty of is unfortunate vacation timing.

Someone on this forum, (I haven't been able to find the post) once wrote about how disadvantaged the Ottawa Renegades were (under any ownership) due to the very bad stadium and concessions deal that is in place with the City of Ottawa. Does anyone know if this is still the case?

If so, then it will be very difficult to find new ownership when the team is in a situation where it is almost destined to fail. The reality, no clear-thinking business-type is going to sink any money into this team unless there is at least a possibility of making something for themselves at some point. I don't think any of us would think that is unfair.

....WHY....would Wright have known there was anything that drastically wrong in the Cap....and NOT take a vacation....seems to me the Glieberguys were throwing money around like a couple of drunken sailors.. huge..guranteed contracts and the like....hardly something that would set off alarm bells about a team in trouble.....The clowns fooled everyone with their slieght of hand..... and.I think everyone knows where the REAL blame belongs for this failing franchise..and it ain't with Tom... :!:

Ottawa has not had a winning football team since 1979. To put that in perpective, every other team in the CFL has won the GC since then. Every other CFL team has had financial problems at some point. Bernie Gleiberman is a smart business man. He has built a hugh real estate empire. So if you are Bernie, do you want your sad-sack offspring running one of your money making ventures? The Gleibes got involved so Lonie would stay out of the money making projects.

That appears to be the reason Melnyk won't take the Rens over.

the city should get thier way outta the concessions deal with aramark, and then sell the stadium to melnyk....the city doesnt want to pay to fix the stadium, and without the gades, the stadium is useless to the city and aramark wont be getting any concession sales anyways...

wasnt long ago the city wanted to tear the stadium down, so why wouldnt they sell it off now?

so the city should sell the stadium to melnyk so he can fix the stadiums few problems, and make money in ticketsales, concessions, and parking.

How can someone say that Wright had nothing to do with finding owners in Hamilton and Toronto, and in the same breath blame him for selling the Renegades to the Gliebermen?

Make up your mind: either he is responsible for finding owners, in which case he found two great ones, or he is not, in which case he had nothing to do with Glieberman coming on board. Take your pick.

I am a big fan of Tom Wright and all that he has done for the CFL, but in the case of Hamilton credit has to be given to David Braley (who I dislike). He is a close friend of Bob Young's, and undoubtedly played a big part in bringing him into the league.

Who was it that sold the Renegades to the Gliebermen? NOT Tom Wright ... it was the previous Renegades owners. Tom Wright has been saying all along that he canNOT tell the Renegades owners what to do; he can only advise. Whether or not Ottawa owners take that advice is up to them.
And at the same time that Wright went on vacation, in mid-march, I'm sure most of us on the forum would have admitted that Bernie Glieberman was NOT the best choice for running the Renegades, and that the Renegades were the weak link in the CFL, but at least the Renegades had got rid of Lonie, and were talking about bringing in Tillman and Nicholson. In short, the situation was nowhere near as bad as it is now. When Wright went on vacation, the Renegades had an owner and seemed to be trying to turn things around. There was no question that there would be football in Ottawa in 2006 when Wright left on vacation.
And smyth_cam, are you Tom Wright's assistant or something? Otherwise, how are you "in the know"?!?

Actually CanucKev...the Board of Governors has final approval on any ownership change. Wright played a part in the sale, but is clearly not solely responsible.

Having final approval in the sale is far from being responsable..
I dont know how many members there are but Wright had 1 vote.

you he a current renegade player.......

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Excellent find, Piggy. He makes some valid points.

I saw that on the TSN site last week. Looks like Gilles Lezi.