Tom Wright

I know he’s been beaten to death with all this stuff that is going on, but it’s rightfully deserved. This can’t wait another 2-3 weeks for a decision to be made. It has to be made as soon as possible instead of keeping us Renegades fans wondering if there will be a season or not. Either way, at the end of all this garbage, i personally believe that Wright should be fired as comissioner.

Let the arguments begin…

Well, the team has no owner, so he has to find one. If he can find anyone willing to buy this team, he should be given a medal. If he can find a stable owner, he should be given the Order of Canada. If he can find one in 2-3 weeks, he should be made king.

If he were forced to make a decision today, there's only one decision he could make: and that would be the end of CFL football in Ottawa.

Absolutely correct BigDAve. Tom Wright has done many good things for the CFL and I don't think anyone can dispute that. And yes...he may have suffered a slight black eye thanks to the Gliebs. cannot blame Tom for trying to keep football in the nation's capital.

Firing Tom Wright is something that shouldn't even be mentioned on this or ANY other planet!

2000 season tickets sold and it's Tom Wright's fault, okay then. Tom Wright has been a great comissioner for this league. Both the Argo's and Ti-cats were struggling before and now with him in they are flourishing. The league has a salary management system now in place and the league is doing great except for one sore spot, Ottawa. A place where the CFL has already folded before. A city and surrounding area of a million people who cannot support a football team. Yes, you have to sit through losing seasons, but guess what other franchises have went through the same thing and they are still here now. Other cities have went through bad management and they are still around. Yes it may be partly Wright's fault for getting Glieberclown back, but at that point there was no one else who was going to step up. I'm sure if he had another option he would have went that way. But to lay the entire blame on Wright is entirely wrong, they are so many people here to blame, Glieberman, the Ottawa people who don't go to the games (even though ticket's are $99), and the City of Ottawa in not dealing with things like parking. So to say Wright should be fired because he can't prop up a team in a city that doesn't like football is entirely wrong. If the team gets an owner great, if it doesn't I hope it folds or moves, having the league run it for a number of years will weaken the league as a whole. Without Ottawa the CFL has 8 strong franchises and is a strong league. With Ottawa the league has 8 strong franchises with a crutch.

I see no reason what so ever to Fire Wright. He is not responsable for the ownership problem in Ottawa so why should he be fired?

My thoughts exactly, roughyfan. It wasn't Wright who sold the team to the Gliebs; it was Wright who saved the argos and ti-cats; there was really nothing Wright could do to change the way the Gliebs were running the team, other than advise (And obviously the Gliebs ignored that); 2 weeks ago the Renegades seemed to be getting on track (Firing Lonie, pursuing Tillman and Nicholson). Now that it is Wright's perogative to find an owner, perhaps he'll be able to find one that he likes - ie, a good one. Hey, he did it in Hamilton and Toronto.

But I would not at all say that Ottawa doesn't like football. No other team has had to endure 30 years of crap owners, and 30 years of losing records (not even Saskatchewan!). The fact that the fans ARE still there is a testament to the Ottawa fans. Eric Tillman, who lives in Ottawa, knows that the fans are there and said so last night. It's illogical that Ottawa doesn't like football - there are more than a million people there. Ottawa is not the problem, Wright is not the problem - the Gliebermen, Smith, and the past owners are the problem.

Wow, I was checking Ottawa's records and I thought they'd have at least some winning seasons in the last little while but since 1980 their best teams have played 0.500 ball, that is horrible. I actually didn't realize it was that bad. I do agree that would be tough to take after awhile, but it is still not Wright's fault.

Keep Wright.....'nuff said.....

for a bit of a dork hes excellent to bad the NHL comish isnt like that

Fire tom Wright? He's the best thing to happen to this league! Its not his fault no one but wackos want to buy this continually struggling franchise. AND unlike some commishes, he can't be pushed around by rogue owners, gm's or presidents (see: Hughie, Braley, or Pezim of old)

In the Hamilton Spectator article I posted, Bob Young indicated that TW has admitted a mistake to the ownership problems in Ottawa. And this is good enough for me. Let's go on with TW as the commish, I think better times are ahead, as Bob Young says, a temporary setback to get to a better position in a year or so.

TW been the best thing to happen to the CFL since it was founded, he must be keeped at all cost.


When you measured the good that he's done to the Glieberman mistake....You have to keep him.

Good post too roughyfan....2000 Ottawa season ticket holders.....

wright is keeper no doubt..........if you want to turf anyone it should be those civic officials at city hall in can they not see that losing the gades will only hurt the city in the long run, did hosting the GC not prove that.......and how about the feds, right in their own back yard, if the CFL isnt considered a source of Canadian unity, what the hell is......

....Wright is not the problem.......he's done his best with a very difficult situation....This league will be going in reverse if they fire Tom..... ....He has been up front and has a lot integrity as far as I am concerned....and its too bad the Gliebs. didn't have as much....There wouldn't be the mess the league finds itself in today.. :!:

every single thing has improved under toms leadership, with the exception of ottawa...which wasnt his idea to bring into the league.

the guy finds amazing owners for hamilton and can u fault him for not being able to save a 3rd....geez.

buzzer sound... wrong... where was Wright when the whole ownership mess started after the 04 Grey Cup???? Vacationing...

Who was it that sold the team to the Glieberarses??? Wright....

Who was it that was on vacation (again) when the Glieberarses decided to back out????? Wright....

This guy is incompetent. Everyone gives him the credit for finding owners in Hamilton and Toronto, but those of us behind the scenes know that he had nothing to do with the finding those owners. He just likes to take credit...

Whoa.... I need a vacation...... If Tom Wright can take one in critical times, then why can't the rest of us.... Tom Wright = lazy ars......

I will, however, gain an incredible amout of respect for him, if he can find owner(s) for Ottawa.

Otherwise, people that are in the know, see him as just a figurehead.

When should he take vacation then? He thought the Ottawa situation was under control. Maybe he can take vacation during grey cup week, or maybe the draft, sometime during the regular season? I know you've had all the losing seasons but come on is 2000 season tickets sold really Tom Wright's fault or does some of that fault lay on the people of Ottawa. Tom Wright has improved this league since he came into office and that is all I ask. There are 8 franchises who are doing well and one weak franchise in a city that couldn't keep the team around the first time they had them. Tom Wright may be the easy answer for the few Ottawa Renegades fans out there to blame but he is not the correct answer.