There have been rumours about the great Argo Prez Keith Pelley leaving at the end of the season and which was reported in the Globe yesterday and Perry Lefko has blogged on Sportsnet.

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If this does happen, would the Argo owners, David and Howard consider Tom Wright as replacement? Both are well connected and to me this would be like an even replacement.

aka Larry Smith in Montreal.

Jeff Giles tried but failed miserably when he left as the near CFL commish to become the prez during the Schwartz regime.

I would think that if Keith Pelley leaves as Argo President the Pinball will move up. That's a no brainer IMO.
The big question is, who will be the next head coach.

good choice!

Yes that would be the obvious choice, but other rumours which have persisted is the Pinner going into politics.
Either as a hands down winner for the Mayor of Toronto or other political levels.

Local politics is very time consuming and very boring, with endless meetings of listening to people whine and complain. Being an MPP or MP is much more attractiveā€¦but it would still be a tad dry for a guy used the hectic action of professional football.

I imagine Pinball would run as a passionate Liberal rather than a law-and-order Conservativeā€¦?