Tom Wright & the Gades

Don’t know about the rest of you but I sure felt good after reading the article about Tom Wright being in close touch with Bernie about the Gades “state of affairs�.

I think this guy has done an amazing job as commissioner as the league, (toughest job in Canada) and I have full confidence that with his guidance Bernie will start to make some “better� business decisions.

I may be naïve but I truly believe that Bernie is committed to succeeding and I think by dumping Lonie he has proven that.

I suspect the 3 stooges (guess) will be gone by the time the season opens. It will be up to the football fans to buy tickets to the home opener to prove to Bernie that CFL football in Ottawa is not a lost cause.


Wish I could agree with you on this one, but Wright has fumbled the ball when it comes to the Ottawa situation. When Ottawa was in dire need of an owner last year, what did Wright do??? He went on vacation… that alone has put him in my bad books. That being said, if he can help in anyway, then maybe I will gain some respect for him. He’d just better hope that he doesn’t see me in Ottawa this year, because I’m going to tell him exactly how I feel about him…

I hope so too. I hate to see Ottawa lose a team again.

Yep -agree with Smyth. He's been a great Commish so far, WITH THE EXCEPTION of the Ottawa situation. He's done essentially nothing until now to help out. When an NHL team is in dire straights, Bettman is running around all over the place fixing things, getting things done. I wish we would see the same from this Commish.

Actually guys, the article said he had been involved, just not publicly. Which is another reason to like this guy, he does things in a prosessional manner.

And the Gades were looking for an owner for months, so him taking a week off with his family was no big deal (to me). Also, let's make it clear, he did not decide to let the Gleibs buy the team (again), the board did.

True story: I ran into him at Ivor Wynn, and he really did come across as a real down to earth guy, although he declined my offer to buy him a beer.


You are right to be honest Lisowski got the Gliebermans to buy the team, he is the one that went and found new owners to keep the team in Ottawa. Thank god the board voted yes, like the Gliebs or not, we have football. I also believe in your post as things are going to get better I do believe that, so lets all keep the faith.