Tom Wright should not be fired

People want to say that Tom Wright is the major problem with the Gades problems this year but I beg to differ. Why did he leave it so late when he knew, as well as others, there were only 2,000 seasons tickets? Well, imagine if he pulled the plug earlier, what people would have said. They would have been all over him saying the owners haven't yet done their marketing campaign etc.
No, he did the right thing waiting as long as he did, not trying to force a panic situation but rather seeing if the fans would put their money down for seasons tickets.
Yes, he admitted to saying he and the league shouldn't have let the Gliebermans in this last time, but this time, I think he did it the right way, gave it a chance to succeed.

it's not TW, and he's been the best commisor ever for the CFL, losing him now over Ottawa would be a huge mistake.

The thing is that we do not know what goes on behind closed doors. Maybe Tom Wright should be replaced and maybe he should not be replaced.

The issue that I have is that how in the world is the board going to find someone with exceptional qualifications to replace the commish, be it now or in the future? It appears to be a job where you are hung out to dry on many occassions and never seem to have any support from the owners. Who would want a job that appears that your Just Over Broke is always on the line? Too stressful for me.


Good grief, man, you are seriously misguided.

Perhaps Tom Wright shouldn't be fired - perhaps he should be drawn and quartered, instead.

This man has no clue.

Everyone and his cocker spaniel knew that the Renegades were in trouble last summer.

Wright must have known.

So as soon as the season was over, i.e. in November, he should have done something to deal with the problem.

Instead, he did..............NOTHING! He was sunning in the Caribbean as Ottawa's agony was playing out - he was letting the Glieberman buffoons further undermine the league's credibility.

It's the Commissionner's job to look after the league's well-being, and to approach problems rationally, and in a timely fashion - whether or not TW has a suntan really doesn't matter diddly-squat, it's just not important.

Tom Wright is an incompetent, arrogant fool.


If CFL owners won't give the commissioner's office real powers, they eventually will not be able to find qualified people to do the job.

Grandalop wrote:

Everyone and his cocker spaniel knew that the Renegades were in trouble last summer.
That's right, everyone did know including the BofG. Did you ever think that maybe they advised TW to behave as he did? To what extent do you think TW behaved strictly on his own? Perhaps there are all sorts of underlying reasons, some of which we will never know, why TW behaved as he did. I doubt that us, Joe fan, will ever have more than 30 percent of all the needed information to understand why TW waited as he didl.

It's funny that just last year people were praising Wright for what a wonderful job he was doing, t.v. ratings were up, ticket sales were up across the CFL, and so and so forth. The Gades fold and all of a sudden thay want his head. Give a guy a brake, every body takes a vacation once in a while, so his just happened to be a a bad time, that doen't mean he wasn't on the phone with BofG. I say KEEP HIM!!!

Tom Wright did the right thing in closing the doors in Ottawa ...

Grandgalop - you said it yourself that you barely know anyone that owns tickets or goes to games in Ottawa - the attendance proves this as well ... it was a mess..

The league can not be expected to have to pick up the losses, and float Ottawa when they have proven multiple times that they cannot operate on their own without some sort of assitance (whether that be finanicially, or finding an owner, or dealing with city council ... ).

He made the best of a bad situation. Either p!ss off the entire league and thousands upon thousands of fans, and make them pay off the millions Ottawa owed, and may owe next year ... OR ... p!ss off the 2,000 fans that actually bought season tickets for 06. Sounds like a simple decision to me - and he made the right one, if you ask me.


Tom Wright is an idiot, doesn't know what he's doing, and if would grow a set of b@lls and wasn't a hand puppet for Hugh Campbell and Dave Braley, maybe my opinion of him would change.

I see a lot of complaining but no one has stated what he should have done!

I would like to know what the complainers would have done had they been in his position!

I'm sure he knew of the problems after the season ended and should have stepped in and done something then to assure us fans that he's taking care of it all. Not to go on vacation when i'm pretty sure that he knew what was going on.

Once again ro1313...a lot of complainers and no solutions.

The blame on this one can be shared, but really, Ottawa Council, Fairweather fans are the major contibutor.

With OTTAWA's city's mayor charging laughable rates for FRANK CLAIR , OTTAWA's constantly negitive sports press , no local rich people from the OTTAWA area willing to buy this team [twice] , the SENS don't even sell out their own play off games......Would you want to buy them?

TOM did the best he could [even though it was LYSCO who brought in the GLIEBS, the first time]

No TOM WRIGHT should not be fired.
He has brought the CFL to new highs of popularity.

Maybe most [not all] of the city of OTTAWA should take a good long look in the mirror. :twisted:

Tom Wright should be fired as commish of this league. How does any justify that he did the "right" thing in closing Ottawa down. He is the one who let the Gliebermans back into the CFL. He could have waited until other owners were found, and maybe the Renegades would be playing this season. I wonder if Lonie's next idea would have to have strippers at halftime, to go along with the Mardi Gras promotion

If the Gliebermans did not buy the Gades last year then they would have folded last year insted of this year. Tom did the best he could in Ottawa to keep them alive. Its kind of madding on how poepls memeries are so short. PEOPLE THINK OF ALL THE GOOD THIS MAN HAS DOEN FOR THE CFL. Attendince is up, revinue is up, the CFL is better known now than five years ago.

I beleive the Board of Govenors have the final approval of new owners. Tom may have "found" the Gliebs, (I think the Gliebs found the CFL though), but the BOG has the final say.

So to those that would fire Wright, you'd ignore the TV contracts, the Sponsorship deals and all the good things he's done to strengthen this league, over the Ottawa folding? And who would we replace him with right now? Hugh Campbell? David Braely??(Again)

For the HEALTH of the other 8 teams, folding Ottawa was the only thing to do.

OK , then should be bring the Gliebs again??? maybe they can take ownership the Stamps or Bombers and have them make another mess out a franchise--- Ottawa would have far better off if the league kept them alfoat and not let the Gliebs back. It may have taken awhile, but the BOG could have found different owners for the Renegades. As for another commish how about someone who knows the CFL, I would say that Ron Lancaster, or Campbell would be good choices really. there are a lot of former players that would makes better commissioners that Mr. Wrong

But financially, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan would have been in jeopardy had they had to fork out money. 8 healthy teams was the way to go.

The Riders and Bombers are resilient organizations--- they always come out of rough waters and could have weathered the storm. If the person wanting to revive the Renegades(the Steelback owner), he may have come forward then. The point being that the commish and the BOG didnt look hard enough for an alternative the Gliebermans and now we have the debacle of a team folding-- it is NOT a good PR move for this league. We survived with 9 teams for a long time and with proper ownership it can happen again.

Agreed, the Gliebs were a mistake. No arguments about the Bombers and Riders being strong Community organizations. But could they handle $500,000 taken out of the cash flow? I know WInnipeg is getting close (If not already) to turning the Red ink into Black ink.

I think supporting the Rens would have put both clubs back into the red. As a fan, I would have gladly paid and attended an extra home game. But at what cost?