Tom Wright says 10 groups interested in Ottawa

He was on TEAM 1040 in Vancouver yesterday with Pratt talking mainly about RW saga. But Pratt did ask him for update on Ottawa. Wright said there were ten groups who have expressed interest.

Got the info from this CFLZone thread.

this is amazing news.

CFL has some amazing momentum right now, and i hope they capitalise.

I keep waiting to hear a 'replay' of the Wright "10 interested parties line" .... nothing yet

Tom strike it while the iron is hot and the league is on this unbelievable roll, thanks to RW.
While you are at it, let's get QC for next year so we can have the even 10 teams.

10 gruops intrerested in keeping the Gades IN Ottawa???

maybe one that would do my crazy idea and chage their colors to Red andGold, and bring the R Helmet back, while keeping the Gades name???

No gold, that was abberation. Red and Black.

R hemlet only good if team's new name has R in it.

I don't think new owner would keep Gades' name. People outside of Ottawa primarily think of Gades' name and they associate it with losing and all the nonsense off the field esp in 05.

My guess is new owner will pick a new name. Don't think there's much appetite either for going back to Rough Riders --- but you never know. It'll give Prairie Riders soemthing else to complain about. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

There is nothing wrong with the Renegades name, and it will likely be bought back, unless the new owner has the money to change everything, just changing the colors and helmet would be nothing in comparison to changing the whole team.

They could name the team after the politicians in Ottawa and call them the Kickbacks..... :lol:

But that's under the assumption that they name it after the federal government. Everyone knows that the yahoos in Ottawa City Hall don't give a flying fudge about the Gades.

they have to be called the Gades, or why would the CFL mainpage still have the logo at the top?

League controls the trademark/logo etc.

They don't HAVE to be called Gades. Watters group gave them new name in 02 partly because Horn Chen still owned "Rough Riders." Just as they chose to rename franchise, so can a new owner. It's not like we're talking about a name with history of Argonauts etc.

here hoping the Gades name stays!

that does have some relevance to the city of Ottawa after all.

How about the Ottawa Referendums-they could keep the R

great news if true , but I will believe when I see it.

Still no updated 'news' on this .... sometimes our 'media tyes' are braindead!


Well, BOG meeting is on June 13. Hopefully --- nay, we better --- hear an update about Ottawa situation, where they stand with interested groups, any timeline for approval, chances of '07 rebirth etc. I don't know how many "national" media will be there to cover it but SUN and Free Press will so I hope they will bring it up.

Another try for an Ottawa franchise, they will start up and fail--again. The BOG's track record on this is terrible. We dont need more owners like the Gliebermans back in the CFL, and thats exactly what we could end up with, and you talk about beating dead horses, sobrien? It seems the CFL itself wants to do exactly that.


I don’t think new owner would keep Gades’ name. People outside of Ottawa primarily think of Gades’ name and they associate it with losing and all the nonsense off the field esp in 05.

I don’t associate the name “Renegades” with losing and nonsense. I associate the name “Ottawa” with losing and nonsense.

Wright was on local radio today essentially saying what he has recently. Proper ownership with long-term commitment etc etc. Most interesting part was when he was asked whether he felt more optimistic or more pessimistic about a return for 07. Wright answered without hesitation and fairly emphatically, "More optimistic."

He also confirmed issue w/b brought at BOG so hopefully a further update w/b given then.

The parameters for credentials of potential ownership candidates will be established shortly after once season starts.

So Wright is going to bring in a new ownership group to Ottawa. But Wright himself will be turfed out of the commissioner's job by the CFL Mafia just like Lysko was. And then there will no support for any of his initiatives (SMS and expansion). So the new Ottawa owners won't have any backing and the mafia will screw them around until they are forced to fold. And the merry-go-round continues.