Tom Wright or Tom Wrong?

The CFL announced that Tom Wright has been resigned as commisioner of the CFL. Personally, I like Tom and I think that he has done an excellent job in promoting the league for the most part. He saved the Argos and the Ti-Cats and TV ratings, corporate sponsorships, and merchandise sales have all gone up since he started on the job in 2002.

Sure the situation in Ottawa is a little messy but you can’t really blame the Commisioner for it, the owners are mostly to blame, but I think if Tom can somehow straighten this mess out all the doubters out their will be silenced. I’ll tell you Tom Wright has done a lot more for the CFL than most of the 10 previous CFL commisioners have.

Wasn’t Lysko the man that brought Ottawa back to the league? I know Wright did an incredible giving respectability back with soild ownership in T.O and Hamilton. I’m sure I can read the future of the Renegades right now CFL takes over team making 8 teams pay the bills. Vancouver gets hosed by having to give a gengerous portion of their profits for the Grey Cup to keep the captial alive. I do think Wright will find an ownership group giving life back to a crappy Ottawa franchise still haunted by the ghosts of the Rough Riders.

I thought they were resurrecting the ghosts of the Rough Riders when they called on Bernie and Lonnie.

If it keeps the team alive, fine, but the CFL should secretly think of them as transitional owners. Behind their backs, the league should be looking for real owners, committed to the league and the city, while B & L pour their money into the floundering franchise.

I have a feeling Bernie and Lonnie will spend some money to help the team. As for Tom Wright, I think he is great for the CFL and has done a solid job. The CFL governors have to decide once and for all to let the Commissioner do his job. There will always be disagreements amongst owners. It’s important to trust in the Commissioner to do what’s best for the league. If the position of CFL Commissioner is only a puppet position, Tom Wright is NOT their man. Let him do his job. I can’t believe the owners would even consider moving Tom Wright out after what he has done.

I’m glad cooler heads prevailled and Wright was resigned to a longer contract.
Yes…A mistake was made last year scheduling the Eastern Final in Montreal late in the evening. But you have to consider the good with the bad, and Mr. Wright has done more good in his short time as commsioner than all of the commisioners in the 90’s. TV ratings are up, corporate sponsors are up. I don’t know what Braley’s problem was with him, but the owners need to look at the bigger picture.

Thank goodness… Intelligence ruled over emotion.

Long live Tom Wright!

RIGHT ON…and even that MONTREAL play off game had 50,000 fans.