***Tom Wright on 'Touchdown Atlantic 2',Expansion &more

on the FAN590 radio, Tom Wright will be on....

Bob Mcgowan (host ) has expressed, that, he thought the CFL shoulda FIXED the east finals so the Argos and Lions woulda won and met in the Grey Cup....it's his opinion, that woulda been a better TV draw, and helped CFL growth in those important markets....

it will be interesting to see if Bob mentions this to T.Wright....lol

heres a link to the site, so u can listen live:


....Tom will be on momentarily.

....on NOW...

......no he isn't, it was a guy selling synthetic motor oil.......

......lol...will be on after THIS commercial break....haha

-Bob asks: from everyones perspective, BC vs TO woulda been the best case...what kinda buzz are u gettin now that neither are in the GreyCup?
-Toms response: many people in BC woulda liked to see the Lions make it, but thats the case in any city when thier teams dont make it.

BOB: i suspect eskimo fans will make the trip.
TOM: says hes seen a few eskie fans but expects more come the weekend. mentions the Grey Cup was brought into vancouver on a big ship.

JIM ( host ): mentions CFL upswing in attendance, ratings, and media attention...asks why the growth.

TOM:says its the ownerships connecting with the public. and ticket prices arent insane like other leagues.

BOB: asks if any atlantic reps are gonna be at grey cup
TOM:tom says meeting with mayor of moncton about touchdown atlantic going to moncton or halifax. says halifax reps couldnt make it cuz working on commonwealth bid. tom also mentions that he is watchin the halifax bid for the commmonwealth games VERY CLOSELY, cuz its crucial for them to get a team.

BOB: has anyone from quebec-city inquired about a future team
TOM: not particularly, but wants to have a pre-season game there to expand CFL market...not so much a team there yet....says more opportunity for expansion in the east then the west...(duh )

BOB: is there someone in quebec wanting to own a team?
TOM: not yet. just looking to build the brand and business. may not materialize in a quebec team for 10 years.

JIM: asks with all the CFL success under toms direction, if there will be a press conference about his contract since tom wants to add 2 or 3 teams, but only has 1 year on contratct.
TOM: no conference, but hopes to stick around to see his plan through.

BOB: says only trouble is ottawa
TOM: doesnt disagree...says he is in reg. contact with Gliebs. says meeting with them to review business-plan, to help them improve, and the Gliebs and CFL are VERY commited to see ottawa a success....says used to have 3 or 4 teams in trouble, now only 1.

BOB: do the Gliebs seem willing to accept input from league?
TOM: YES! league is changing and all owners recognise the need to learn from eachothers success.

JIM: does the popcorn and other dances bug the league?
TOM: working on code of conduct, cuz could be viewed as unsportsman-like.dont have a consistant code of conduct across the leage. all teams are different.

thats it.

Wow, you must have been a court reporter! Good job! From what I heard I think you got most of it.

thanks...i know some people couldnt listen, and it would suck to miss this, incase he said anything GROUND BREAKING....which he didnt, but good to know what he has instore for OUR league.

Ya good work!

DG good job transcribing. I thought it was interesting for Tom to mention how the mayor of Moncton is in Vancouver and they will meet. Also, how the mayor and the entire city is hot to trot to get an exhibiton game and franchise. But, when Bob asked if Halifax was represented, the answer was no. Like our previous postings, the left wing mentality and unwillingness for Halifax to move on this stadium and franchise is depresessing. TW also said how it was possible for another exhibition game next year in Halifax and QC.
It was mentioned how crucial it is for a 10th team, but equally so TW mentioned for 2 more to make it a perfect 12. Bob asked him a few times whether anyone from QC is interested, almost like Bob knew something? Overall, a very good and informative interview.

argotom...where was your weekly rating report this week?

my segment is 'the REAL power rankings' ( which i cant do during playoffs ), and u do 'Rating Report'

tom also mentions that he is watchin the halifax bid for the commmonwealth games VERY CLOSELY, cuz its crucial for them to get a team.

It's funny isn't it, we have Moncton which desperately want a team while Halifax is dragging their behind?

My TV ratings have just been posted. Some very interesting figures.

I wouldn't read too much into Halifax not being represented because Tom Wright met with the people involved in trying to get a CFL team just last month. It is my understanding that there are 2 local groups being set up to try to land Halifax a CFL team. It is entirely right for Fred MacGillvray and others to focus on the 2014 Commonwealth Games bid right now because that is by far the best opportunity for Halifax to get a stadium and when that happens a new team will quickly follow.

I would also like to thank those on this forum who support Halifax in the CFL. I would especially like to thank those from Montreal who would naturally prefer a Quebec City team and those from Hamilton who are supporting Halifax even though the Commonwealth Games would give the Tiger-Cats a new stadium.

As I've stated before, I live in Hamilton and am a season ticket hold for the TiCats. But I dearly want Halifax to win agains't Hamilton for th 2014 CG. Go Halifax Go!

But on another note, there is an article in the Globe about the business model of the CFL still needing "glue". And I believe, after reading this article, to be the case which is why the league has to look at any means to get more money from TV contracts, even if it means expanding by one or two teams to the States at some point if this would get the TV contracts up high enough for everyone to make some decent money if they can average games with stadiums that have lots of bums in the seats.

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/ArticleNews/TPStory/LAC/20051125/GREYCUP25/TPSports/TopStories]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/ ... TopStories[/url]
[url=http://www.canada.com/sports/football/story.html?id=47f93de1-e731-450b-80a3-c14215336956]http://www.canada.com/sports/football/s ... 4215336956[/url]

CFL commissioner Tom Wright says the league is considering holding an exhibition game next year in either Quebec City, Moncton, N.B., and Halifax.

All three cities are potential expansion sites. Wright reiterated his wish that the CFL add a 10th team by the end of the decade.

The CFL held an exhibition game this past season in Halifax between the Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

A major stumbling block for the three centres, however, remains a viable stadium, which Wright said is paramount to any successful CFL expansion bid.

ive edited the thread title to reflect this NEW article, rather than, making a whole new thread.

People say Halifax doesn't want a team. WRONG!!! Halifax very much wants a team, at least the people do. Its the politics screw'n it up. The politics might just be more intersted in the commonwealth games, but Haligonian citizens are very much interested in both.

Hoping for the best for Halifax- CFL and Commonwealth!!!

agreed…the politics are holding them back…when is thier next primer election?.

…cuz maybe they could elect someone else soon, hopefuly, who cares about the CFL agenda.

Isn't the politics(or politicians) the reflection of any community? If not in this case, being left wing Halifax & or Nova Scotia mentality, then boot their sorry rear ends out of office and get moving once and for all on this matter. Because it certainly appears from afar how the mayor and the people of Moncton are hot to trot about the CFL.