Tom Wright on OTR Tuesday April 11, 6 ET

Just thought I’d let everyone know that Tom Wright is going to be on TSN’s Off The Record on Tuesday the 11th (that being later today) at 6:00 eastern time. And, Michael Landsberg will be doing his “Up Front” thing with him, which is (a think) a short one-on-one Q-and-A session.

Is Tom to blame for the CFL’s current misfortune (keeping in mind that the Renegades suspension is one blip on what has otherwise been a very positive couple of years for the league)? I think he’s partly to blame, if only because he’s the commissioner, and hence the fall guy. But really, it’s the damned Board of Governors that runs this league, and Tom Wright is more of a figurehead (read: fall guy). Wright went on vacation BEFORE the dire straits of the Ottawa franchise was announced. He wasn’t allowed to meddle in the Renegades’ affairs whle they were still under complete ownership and control of someone other than the CFL, so it’s not like he was able to tell the Gliebermans what to do. Yes, it was him who ultimately signed to bring the Gliebermans back in (a decision that was likely made more by the Governors than by Wright) but at that point NO ONE ELSE was going to buy the Renegades - and selling the team is better than folding it (interesting side question, does that make this the right move?). And of course, Wright was also around for REMARKABLE turnarounds in Hamilton and Toronto. Maybe this was also helped by the board of governors … but they’ve never pulled off something quite as remarkable as in Hamilton and Toronto before.

And who knows - Wright (or whoever) could be taking this time to find a new, perfect Renegades owner. Perhaps rather than going for the quick sale, again, this year off (hopefully it’s only a year) may result in the Renegades coming back stronger than ever. Obviously that’s what Wright is going for.

So does Tom Wright deserve to be canned for this? Absolutely not - and certainly not before he’s had a chance to try his plan of using this year to find ideal owners for the Renegades.

Otherwise, overall this whole Renegades suspension frustrates, infuriates, and depresses me … but it sure isn’t Wright’s fault, and he shouldn’t be the one to fall for this. And, the story isn’t over yet - the team hasn’t folded; there’s still a chance at new ownership. (Whether the third time in Ottawa will come remains to be seen … Ottawa may have lost the CFL to Quebec and Halifax. But then again, how many times has LA had an NFL team? 29 and a half?)

Should be interesting. I also find it interesting that Greg Sansone of The Score, who I really had respected, didn't have the guts to get into the meat of the problems with it being more than just a case of the CFL's fault. He didn't discuss the stadium rental issues, the fact that people who live near the stadium are older people who don't want a team there with fans coming into their neighbourhood and pressuring the city to probably keep the team out by keeping the rent high etc. thereby not able to attract quality ownership. And Sportsnet's interview with Glenn Kulka amounted to about the same.

Wright is merely a puppet for Campbell & Braley who are the real commissioners of the CFL.

Thanks for telling us. I'm going to watch.

I've been really disappointed with the Score's coverage of this. So far all I've seen from them is the dispersal draft order, during their loop package. I feel that the Score has little to no respect for the CFL anyway - which makes me have little to no respect for the Score - and this just salts it.

I'll watch that. I hope Landsberg will have a couple of hard question bout the Ottawa situation.

Thats okay Cunuc, TSN is better anyway.

Did anyone watch it? I guess I’ll have to wait for Midnight Pacific time to catch the interview…sigh…