Tom Wright fired by the UFC

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Most prominent among the Canadian layoffs was Tom Wright, the UFC’s executive vice president and general manager of operations in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

I don't have an opinion of Wright as the CFL commissioner. That job Just wasn't on my radar at the time.

What was your take of him in that role?

Tom Wright was a great Commissioner. Very personable, broadly liked during his tenure. Good luck to Tom, maybe the Argos should hire him in some capacity.

Did a great job, very professional, inherited a real mess and left the league in a much better place and a working SMS that hasn't been updated since.

Tom Wright, haven't heard his name in a while. Interesting speech titled The Future of the Canadian Football League he made back in 2003 and thought this was interesting from it:

Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for your kind invitation to join you here today. I hope I have been able to convey our enthusiasm for this game and our confidence that it will continue to be an important part of our sports landscape for generations to come. [b]I would also like to thank our partners at Rogers AT&T, sponsors of today's event, who earlier this year joined the CFL as its Premiere Business Partner, and who have demonstrated their support day in and day out through the support of our Heroes Program in our broadcasts[/b].

Exactly. Loved the job Tom did. Unfortunately some teams put their priorities ahead of the needs of the league as a whole.

Hasn't changed since...

Let's face it, the gig with UFC probably paid a lot more than commish of the CFL at the time.

Most of us really liked Tom Wright. :thup: Sorry to hear he was turfed.

This likely had nothing to do with the job he was doing for UFC, although the Canadian shows have been weak the last couple of years. UFC was just taken over by new ownership and they are reorganizing and downsizing significantly. A lot of long-time staff are being shown the door.

I remember him as being a pretty good commish, as well. He was around at the time that the league started to turn around and head in a stronger direction.

Wright was doing well until he received a brain cramp and accepted the Gliebermans as owners again for Ottawa which doomed the CFL in the capital .

Wright should and could have found better owners for the Renegades at the time . It's worked out now and he should be credited with Cats and Argos saves but fell well short with Ottawa .


I'd like to see Wright brought back. I know Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa had issues during his tenure, but I think he has the connections to still be a good Commish. IMO Orridge doesn't come across as a leader or front man, he seems more like a behind the scenes type.