Tom Wright confirms no Ottawa until 2008

I think that this can work and it is the right thing to do. I was against a team in OTTAWA , but if the CFL awards the team to JEFF HUNT [local ownership who is loved by the terrible OTTAWA press] , this could actually work.

JEEF , wants to modernize their stadium for the 2008 season.That will take time.

He wants to use the 2007 season to hype the new team through player , coach and G.M. signings , ect....

This will give the new owner's the time to get everything right.On and off the field.

JEEF HUNT , is a proven OTTAWA area business man who could make a go of this.

I just hope that the CFL sees the value of local ownership , with all the connections to OTTAWA's business community.

Hell , it has worked nicely in HAMILTON and TORONTO , hasn't it?

At least the OTTAWA press LOVEs , JEFF HUNT. That in itself is a good thing and a great start!

This is disappointing to me as I think they could have made things work if they had wanted to.
Fixing up the stadium maybe is a reason...I would hope it will be state of the art to take that long.
One thing a new team will not be able to do until after the 2007 Grey Cup is sign players of any significence as the present team GM's won't allow that.

well, it's disapointing, but if the gruop is named in Novermber and takes all of next season to fix up for the team, fix the stadium, promote the team to the city, etc. maybe this is a good thing.

and it looks like those that blame TW for Ottawa are happy that he is "getting what he desevers" by letting Ottawa suspend tranish his record.