Tom Wright confirms no Ottawa until 2008

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Despite an increase in interest from multiple groups looking to revive football in Ottawa, Canadian Football League commissioner Tom Wright has confirmed that Ottawa won't re-enter the loop until 2008 at the earliest.

According to a report in the Ottawa Citizen, the original plan to bring the Renegades franchise back into the fold for 2007 has been discarded, citing timetable issues as the reason.

All current bids, including Bill Palmer, the Golden Gate and Frank D'Angelo, will now have more time to attract more local interest and secure that a competitive and financially viable club will return when the time is right.

The delay also means that Wright will leave his position with just eight teams in the league; there had been an early push to get back to Ottawa quickly for the sake of the commissioner's legacy.

"Anyone who knows me knows the most important thing for me is to get it right," Wright said. "I'm more concerned with the best thing happening than having the timing linked to me. If it does happen in 2008, I'll know it has some link to me. I didn't take this job to stand up and get applause. In fact, I've taken a lot of darts."

Yup, was in the Vancouver Province today as well.

Maybe they can line up another franchise next season and have a 10 team league by 2008.

You need a stadium and an owner with lots of money to burn to get a tenth team.

If its taking this long to finalize Ottawa, it will take a lot longer to get a tenth franchise.

that would be awesome....get the ownership for ottawa decided, then the 'expansion committee' starts lookin at Quebec-city, and get them in for '08 or '09.

all they have to do is start discussing with the quebec primer about using some of the half-a-billion he's commited to sports facilities in Quebec, to building a CFL/soccer stadium in QC.

get the ball rolling!

Actually I'm surprised that QC doesn't have a decent sized stadium for things like outdoor rock concerts, it is a city over 500,000 and has lots of tourists, would only seem natural that they should have a facility seating 25,000 or so for this.

Check with Third & Ten, If I remember correctly, the Mayor of QC doesn't like violent sports. You may have to change city council before anything happens.

well at least we wont lose players to a dispersal draft next year :cowboy:

but a 25,000-30,000 seat stadium could be shared by the CFL, highschool / college football, community/pro soccer, summer music concerts, etc.

plus, look at all the community work the als have done in montreal and thu out sure a future QC CFL team could do similar community work.

and, if most of the funding is thu the province, then why should the mayor care?...its basicly a free sport facility.

I agree with you drummer, we all make good sense, and our reasons are valid. I just remember reading Third some where when he was talking about City Council and they are not "sports friendly".

Maybe I'm wrong and thinking about some where else, but I'm sure it was Quebec City he was talking about.

I think you are right Sportsmen, I remember Third also stating this about their mayor or city council. Hmmm, I wonder if QC supports minor hockey there or gives any funding to the university where the Rouge et Or football team plays.

how much longer is this mayors term?

Bad news all around.

That's really too bad, I was really hoping they'd be back for next year ... but I guess it will be good if they take the time to get it right, instead.

To look on the bright side though, 2007 could be one heck of a year public relations wise for the CFL if Halifax gets the Commonwealth Games, to be announced Nov. 2007, and then if Ottawa is successful to come back for 2008. It could be a good year 2007 indeed!

The first thing I thought about when I heard the bad news about not getting the team here for next year was the number of good old timer Ottawa football fans that won't be around to see its re-birth. Sounds depressing I know, but it is a reality.
It's a sad day for me. The CFL raised my hopes again.

Hopefully the Tiger-Cats don't have to play the Argos twice in pre-season and then play them again for the home opener.

I know they are trying to save money in the pre-season, but, variety is a good thing also.

I strongly suspect that with certain knowledge of the number of teams in next year's CFL, the schedule will look much, much better compared to this year's.

Looking forward to seeing the Renegades again ... and hopefully Halifax wins that Commonwealth Games bid ...

Somehow I don't think so. As I've said before, Football has failed multiple times in Ottawa which of course will make it very difficult to come back. put a team someplace new that will support it? I think that might be alot easier at this point.

They have to build a stadium first. I think to build a stadium it would take 2-3 years to build?