Tom Wright blasts montreal owner***

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Tom Wright is firing back at Montreal owner Bob Wetenhall.

One day after Wetenhall blasted the CFL commissioner in a Toronto newspaper for removing Ed Chalupka from the league's head office - calling the firing "incomprehensible" - Wright delivered his own pointed message.

"I always respect a person's right to have an opinion, but I can tell you that I have not, nor would I ever question an owner or a team on their employee decisions, especially not in the press," stated Wright.

"To me, I don't think that's appropriate."

After overseeing the league's football operations for nearly 13 years, Chalupka was recently fired from his senior vice-president post.

Wright followed that move by hiring Michael Copeland this week as the new chief operating officer after being a high-ranking executive with Molson.

"The league has grown considerably and in order to continue that and accelerate that, I felt it was time to add some fresh thinking," said Wright.

ESKS LOOKING AT RIDERS COACH: Carl Brennan isn't the only coach on the Eskimos' radar map. Edmonton head coach Danny Maciocia has confirmed that his organization has approached the Saskatchewan Roughriders' offensive line coach.

"But I am also speaking to other coaches right now," revealed Maciocia.

There is definitely no shortage of candidates with a desire to move north to join the Green and Gold's assistant coaching staff for the 2006 season.

"I have had at least seven guys call me - and some are employed in the CFL or CIS," added Maciocia. "I've even gotten resumes from people down south."

Like any good head coach, Maciocia is constantly trying to improve his overall staff.

But it appears he will also have some holes to plug.

"I expect most of (the assistant coaching staff) back," said Maciocia, who declined to offer many specifics.

However, he did confirm that Bill Macdermott will return this year to coach the offensive line, meaning Brennan would have a different portfolio if he arrives.

"(Brennan) would be on the offensive side of the ball, potentially running back (coach)," stated Maciocia.But nothing will be finalized until early next month when Maciocia returns from coaching at the NFL Global Junior Championship in Detroit.


Quarterback Dave Dickenson says he wasn't happy with the way the B.C. Lions left him hanging until Casey Printers made up his mind over his football future. That won't stop him from returning to the Lions this season now that Printers has agreed to a three-year contract with the NFL Kansas City Chiefs, Dickenson said yesterday.

There had been speculation in Vancouver that if Printers agreed to a new contract with the Lions, coach and general manager Wally Buono would have tried to move Dickenson to another CFL team.

"I guess that's really the first time I felt like that maybe Wally was going in a different direction," Dickenson said.

"Every other year I was with him I always felt he had complete confidence in me to win games and do all those sorts of things. I'm not happy with the way it seemed like it was going, but it's not going to affect me at all or our relationship when I come back."


Mike 'Pinball' Clemons summed up his thoughts on the Argos success and the club's bright future with a number: 44,211. That's how many fans packed the Rogers Centre for last year's CFL Eastern final.

"That's not combined attendance for the year, ladies and gentlemen, that's one game, the Eastern final," Clemons said with a wide smile.

"We've come a long way, an extremely long way."

The Argos made sure Clemons will be a part of what's to come, signing the popular coach to a two-year contract extension yesterday, along with defensive co-ordinator Rich Stubler.

The deal was reported earlier this week and confirmed at a news conference yesterday at the Rogers Center.

"I have no desire to be good. None," said Clemons. "We were a good football team last year, that was disappointing. Fact is, we want to be great.

Attaboy Wright ... considering all the needless crap he takes, he's entitled to speak out like that.

Good for the Argos, too ... maybe they don't need to move to a small stadium, a la Montreal?

I've said it once, and I'll say it again, Montreal needs to add more seats to Molson Stadium than 25,000, if they plan to use that as a permanent stadium. I mean, how do they how to host another GC, which brings in a lot of money for the home club, with just 25,000 seats? Even Winnipeg Stadium can expand to 45,000 seats for the GC.

but back to the issue, it seems that the new guy he hired has connections with Molson, so maybe it was another deal to give the CFL so more money, can't disagree with that. Wetenhall shouldn't blast the hiring of a Molson guy to the CFL since Molson is a huge supposer of the CFL.

I do hate the fact that corporations put their logos on the field and mess it up, but I know it's for money, so can't conpain too much. it was rather sad that BC place, which hadn't any logos on the field at all, had them during the GC, I was looking forward to watching the GC without any of that. The idea behind that is also flawed, I mean, I'll be looking at the players and the action on field, do these corporations really think that if I see a Ford logo on the field, I'm gonna go buy one???

Poor Wright cant sneeze without some owner checking
out his every move.

Now pay attention 007, this is a pen but is really a camera which you can take photos of Mr. Wrights files so we can see what he is up to. And for your get away, some tooth paste which is really explosive, so you will be about to blow a hole thur the wall at CFL HQ.

True, but he's givin it back at them now!

…simply put Wright has the right visions for the league…Wettenhall has visions for the Montreal Allouettes… :!:

Sorry I dont agree with Wright this this.
As an owner in the league I think Wetenhall should be free to voice his opinion pn how the league is run. After all is the commissioner not chosen by the owners?

he doesnt care if he voices his opinion...he just doesnt like that he does it in teh media...make his opinion known in the board room.

Unlike he is now doing here, in the media!

Let's face it guys, the league is run by Hugh Campbell anyway, Wright is merely a figure-head...

KK, I think Molson could still be better to teh CFL ... in fact, what I thik would really help the CFL in terms of money and fan support would be to have Molson Canadian as "the official beer of the CFL". Half the time when I see a Bud ad, I also see that it's "the official beer of the NFL" which only helps the NFL's image in Canada. But I think Canadian is by far the most popular beer in Canada (even if it's far from teh best!) and can you imagine how interest in the CFL would spike if all of a sudden, Canadian was its official beer?
I agree with what Wright is saying re: Wettenhall; if Wettenhall has a problem with something Wright does, he should bring it up in private, and not go crying to the media. Crying to the media is like, "he said she said that he said she called me a (whatever)". I feel sorry for Tom Wright, always having these owners on his back. That's why I'm glad he's sticking up for himself. Overall, I maintain it's time for the owners to stop being so damn selfish and look out for the interests of the LEAGUE, not themselves.

I didn't say it was a BAD idea, but I hate the logos on the field, but they give something like 500,000 to a club for having it on their field for each one.

So it's just for the better and the worse.