Tom Wright and the Renegades

I'm getting pretty tired of hearing Tom Wright's name get bashed around this week. Isn't the man entitled to a vacation now and then? This entire Glieberman/Renegade situation pretty much came out of the blue this week. I don't think it's fair to blame Wright in any of this at this stage. Besides, it's not like CFL HQ is empty this week.

TW doing the best he can in this "Tale of Two Cities".

I'm with you. In general, Wright just can't catch a break pleasing some of those owners and I'm sure this is no different.

When do these people expect him to take his vacation? Free agent period? College draft? Training camp? Regular season? Playoffs? Grey Cup week? He needs to be present (or in his office) for all of these. And the Ottawa situation has kept him busy the rest of the time. Besides, when he left, Glieberman and Smith appeared to be working things out. How was he to know the whole thing would start to implode once he got on the plane?

You're seriously missing the point.

Ottawa has been a disaster for more than a year now - so it's up to the Commissioner to at least acknowledge this, and make an attempt to rectify things during the off-season.

Gades have no business plan, no supporters to speak of, no equipment manager, no marketing, hardly any staff in the office, and they're bleeding free agents!


Good grief - he's just not doing his job.

Sack the man, earliest opportunity.

Typical CFL! - Clueless

......hey, up to a couple of weeks ago things were pretty quiet in bytown.....TW probably had this trip planned for is he to know the gades business plan? hiring of office personnel? what the eq.mgr. is up to? that was loonie's business to deal with, not tom's......

And who would you bring in to replace Wright?

If you follow the history the Ottawa fiasco started way back when the commisioner was Michael Lysack...(Did I spell it right?) The Gleibermans had commited a certain amount of dollars during a agreed upon time frame. Now while the COmmisioner is away the Gleibs (Once again) pull off another stunt.

I don't blame the commish on this one, and even if I did, His long term credits and contibutions out weigh this mess.

Has anyone ever heard of the internet and conference calls? Who says TW is not working on this right now? Chances are high that he is, and his wife is probably pissed at him. :mrgreen:

What was the e-Bay thing? Wow, I wonder if someone might be in hot water legally over doing this prank. Guess they had to pull the thread here.
It was kinda funny though.


I guess Wright thought Ottawa could go a few weeks without needing to be babysat...guess he was wrong.

...when the cats away the clowns will play....You can't expect Wright to follow every little move that happens with the circus in the Cap.....I'm sure he was aware of the explosive situation.. that's quite evident....could his vacation timing been better....perhaps....but you can't expect the guy to put his life on hold...waiting for the owners of the Rens.. to make their next pronouncement...I only worry that this can be used by Wrights detracters (Braley for one) parlay this into a way to oust Wright....He has done a good job....and definitely has had more successes than failures...Hope he does his best to rectify this latest set-back...and he gets everything back on track...We have faith in you Tom.... :arrow:

Truth be told, Ottawa has been a disaster since the announcement that they were getting an expansion team. No one can expect Wright to go five years without a vacation, for fear that the Renegades might implode while he's away.

If the Gades need Tom Wright to do these jobs for him, they should hire him as their team president. Every other team is responsible for doing all these things themselves. It's stupid to expect the league's commissioner to oversee the team's day-to-day operations.