Tom Wright - all over?

Damn that Braley!!!

According to a report in the Globe and Mail the Canadian Football League governors have told commissioner Tom Wright that they do not plan to renew his contract at the end of the season.

The paper reports that Wright is aware he does not have the necessary 75-per-cent support to have his contract renewed.

Montreal's Bob Wetenhall and B.C.'s David Braley, according to the Globe, would like to see Wright resign immediately, but the board informed the commissioner that they would like him to stay on throughout he Grey Cup game in Winnipeg.

Wright is expected to announce whether or not he will stay on through the end of this season before or at the CFL's annual general meeting on Tuesday.

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WE .... fans, corporate sponsors and media .... rallied to support "TW" last summer ..... we CAN do it again!!

But why would we? His handling of the Ottawa situation was abysmal. Now he is trying to curry favour with some of the owners with his stance on the Ricky Williams situation. He seems to be forever in crisis management mode rather than being proactive on issues.

I was a supporter of his last year but now I would characterize myself as on the fence. Mind you, is there anyone out there who even would want the job, given the Campbells, Wettenhalls and Braleys out there.

Nice guy and has that "nice look" for the sponsors and the fans. But for a league like the CFL where it does actually take work to run it unlike say the NFL where anyone can do the job with the TV contracts that fall in their lap and with the popularity of football down there, TW is definitely, definitely not the man, way too easy come easy go at this time and just tries to sound politically correct all the time. He has no personality. We need someone like a Bob Young, a computer leading edge wizz who has a business background to boot. But not now Bob, we need you here in Hamilton to get our Cats in the GC.
But a Bob Young type is what we need for the CFL.

Ive said Tom Wright should be turfed, but I believe he has made some good decisions, just not enough to be kept on as commish. The next one, unfortunately, will be a “yes” man to all these guys.

I can't believe they want to can Tom Wright. This will happen with every commish that comes along in the future (and it's already happened with every commish in the past) and it's stupid. The board of governors are a bunch of idiots. Wright's only real black eye is the Ottawa situation, and he wasn't given any chance with that - it was only 2 MONTHS before training camp when the Glieberidiots put the team up for sale. TWO MONTHS to sell a flailing franchise?!? No one can do that. But look at what else has happened during Tom's "reign" ... Hamilton and Toronto (and to a lesser extent BC) are huge success stories now, all the games are on TV, sponsorship is better than it's ever been, there's a magazine, attendance is up across the board ... I wouldn't worry about the political correctness, either. All commishs have to be politically correct.
Anyway, I think it's stupid (and a bad idea) to can Tom Wright.

It was TW that was responsible for the new local ownerships in Toronto and Hamilton? IMVHO, hogwash.
Nice guy, nothing agains't him but when he speaks, I fall asleep and he tries too hard to just say the 'right', no pun intended, thing. And a smart man no doubt. But not a mover and shaker enough for me and for where this league needs to go.

I'm not a fan of Wright or most of these owners but you got to admit. Its a dirty job !

YES , and lets get rid of TOM right now say the owners of B.C. and MONTREAL." WHHHHHAAAA , Williams , didn't sign with us , WHAAAAAA "

"We don't want a salary cap , whaaaaa! " :roll:

Maybe just maybe , they should have a better alternative to TOM , before they start complaining , ya think? :thup:

Who are they going to get , HUGH CAMPBALL? Oh , I forgot he already runs the CFL [sorry , Edmonton]

These bone heads just can't handle success. :roll:

The next guy , will be a puppet if any one is willing to take this job.

Say good bye to any SALARY CAP , a drug policy , ect...

Maybe GARY BETTMAN wants the job.

OTTAWA , wasn't TOM's fault , as the GLIEBS were the only people to want to buy the team. How about we blame the OTTAWA press , the fans and the fact that 0 local ownership came foward to by this team.

This should be great for the CFL and it's image. :roll:

Every one is just out for themselves. :roll:

Name another CFL Commish who has done as much for the CFL as TOM has in the last 20 years? :thup:

And who would you get? [they have to want this job]

I think their making a mistake, but time will tell. Personally I think he's been the best commissioner since Jake Gaudaur.(Of course they haven't had any good commissioners since Jake Gaudaur)Sometimes all the BS in this league drags me down

Some CFL owners are their and the CFL's worst enemies. :roll:

I've tried to give Wright the benefit of the doubt, but based on the past two years, he's got to go. Yes, CFL ownership can be self-serving and greedy, but failing to secure stable ownership for the Renegades TWICE in four years is a black mark on the league. Smith and Gillies were cheapskates who weren't willing to spend to build a winner. The Gliebermans are, well, the Gliebermans, and were a total disaster yet again. And worse, the league only finds out about the Gades' latest bankruptcy two months before training camp?? That's inexcusable. If one of your franchises can't pay its bills, you have got to know about that way sooner.

Then there's this whole Ricky Williams debacle. I have nothing against Williams, but a contract is a contract. CFL rules specifically state that a player under contract in another league cannot sign with a CFL franchise. There is no loophole. I don't blame the Argos for wanting a player of Williams's calibre. I do blame Wright for aiding and abetting the Argos by ignoring the fact that signing Williams is flat-out ILLEGAL by the rules of the CFL. Why should anyone respect contracts anymore when the league is falling over itself to ignore them? What about the players who got cut to make room for Williams's big salary, how do you think they feel? If contracts are not honoured, the whole foundation of pro sports falls apart. It completely undermines the position of say, the Blue Bombers, who are rightly holding Kyries Hebert to his contract even though he wants to try out for the NFL.

I like Wright. He seems like a nice guy. But too many bad things have happened on his watch to justify keeping him around. They need a strong commissioner who will work his tail off to acquire responsible owners in Ottawa and expand the league to 10 teams eventually, and who won't stay on vacation when a crisis breaks.

  1. THE GLIEBS where first bought to OTTAWA by another Commish.

No local ownership or any another people wanted to by this team.

  1. The siging of Williams was not illegal by CFL rules. TOM wanted to change that next year, but he will not have a job next year. :roll:

  2. Maybe he should be fired because of the HAMILTON/EDMONTON deal [trade MAAS/DAVIS] that happened last year. That was truly against the CFL's rules.
    But you take your job in your hands if you complain about EDMONTON and HAMILTON. :roll:

Certain owners don't want a real commish they want a YES man.

No one is stronger than 'TW', discip&punish

The 'pooh' will hit the fan at next Tuesday's CFL meeting in Winnipeg .... I don't see Wright "quitting" .... I hope he drops a bombshell in Winnipeg

.... releasing his short list of new Ottawa candidates

Go TW!

What's your point? I wasn't talking about their first tenure as owners. I was talking about the mess Wright made of the Gillies/Smith ownership, waiting until the team had lost all its star free agents to other teams before hastily bringing the Gliebermans in, which turned out to be an unmitigated disaster.

No local ownership or any another people wanted to by this team.
Because Wright and the league waited so long to get the process going. If they'd been proactive and spotted the danger signs earlier, there would have been time for interested parties to scout the Gades, do their due diligence, and take over. But no self-respecting businessperson is going to make a decision to take over a struggling team in a few weeks.
2. The siging of Williams was not illegal by CFL rules. TOM wanted to change that next year, but he will not have a job next year. :roll:
Yes, it is illegal. A player cannot play in the CFL if he is under contract with another league. Period.
3. Maybe he should be fired because of the HAMILTON/EDMONTON deal [trade MAAS/DAVIS] that happened last year. That was truly against the CFL's rules.
Absolutely. What went down between Hamilton and Edmonton last year was utterly disgraceful. It was sickening and really made the league look second-rate.
Certain owners don't want a real commish they want a YES man.
I'll agree to a certain extent, but that doesn't change the fact that Wright has not done a good job as commissioner.

theres apparently 10 potential buyers of the ottawa team supposed to be meeting with the commish soon....what if theres no commish to meet with?

hey, if our CEO retires tomorrow and isn't replaced, I still come to work and get paid. Sometimes I wonder if people in high places in any company are really needed for the money they get. Maybe no commish last year and we would still have Ottawa and no Gliebguys botch situation.

TOM WRIGHT , didn't know about how bad the OTTAWA situation was because an OTTAWA owner admittedly lied to the press about OTTAWA's true financial stituation. I guess you missed those articles.

He found out while on vacation.
Again , no one from OTTAWA came forward to buy the team and if the GLIEBS didn't buy the team there would have been no OTTAWA that year.

You do write that he miss handled the OTTAWA team 2 times and that is not true.

Show me where it says in the CFL rules that can't you can't hire a player under contract.THANKS.

What never ceases to amasse me is that people continue to blame Tom Wright for issues he had no control over ( will some of you people please listen to reason?)

Tom Wright has been the most productive commish to date...HANDS DOWN!

There are a few who don't like the decisions he has made and want a "yes man" for their "OLD BOYS CLUB"!

You got it RIGHT, "turd"! What can we do though!

Vote "keep Wright" in every possible poll you see, Woody

We convinced the media last summer .... and CAN do it again.

The corporate sponsors ... stepped up big time last summer too .... Sony, Rogers etc.