Tom Wright a Sitting Duck?

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The best interests of the Canadian Football League may clash with the best interest of the CFL commissioner in the troubling case of the moribund Ottawa Renegades.

For Tom Wright to survive as commissioner, the impossible has to occur: A buyer must be found almost immediately to save the Renegades and maybe Wright's job in the process.

But for the league itself, the best step now may well be a cautionary step backwards. Rather than rush anything -- and isn't that how the league wound up in this mess? -- it should mothball the Ottawa franchise for a year, suspend its operations until a proper buyer can be found and a sound organization can be established.

That isn't something that can be done in a matter of days or weeks. But it's possible for the Renegades to be saved long-term if time is taken and it's not a house of cards being sold.

The league has time. The commissioner, himself, may not have such luxury.

He is forever on the last year of his deal, walking a slippery tightrope.

The CFL can survive with eight teams, short term or long, with a long-term goal being the survival of football in Ottawa. That is more prudent than rushing to find another Horn Chen.

Question is: Will Tom Wright be in his job long enough to witness football strength in Ottawa again?

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The last thing John Jenkins is worried about his future.

As head coach of the Ottawa Renegades, Jenkins might seem like the captain of the Titanic.

With the current ownership in the process of handing over the reins to the Canadian Football League, the team's future is unknown. The league will either find a new owner, operate it itself or shut it down.

Either way, Jenkins isn't showing any signs of concern. In Oakville at the CFL evaluation camp of prospects for next month draft, Jenkins is looking ahead to coaching the team this season.

"Business is business and football coaching is football coaching," he said. "You look at things separately. I couldn't be more excited about the season with the coaches we've got, everything is ready to go. I couldn't be more positive about the players we've got re-signed and the free agents and (potential draft picks)."

As for the uncertainty of the team, well, Jenkins isn't new to this.

"My veteran status under these circumstances will reveal itself," Jenkins said. "I've been with a number of teams that have been through this in this league and the United States Football League. They're not getting a virgin (in this kind of situation).

"I'm sure I'll have an opportunity to talk with commissioner (Tom) Wright and reveal what we've done in the off-season that would be positive for the whole league and the fans of Ottawa."

Jenkins isn't sure whether or not he and the coaches will be paid if the team folds. It's been a contentious issue with coaches in similar situations.

"I can't comment on that because we don't know what the nature of that (kind of situation) is," he said. "I'm sure Commissioner Wright will define that at some point in time."

Here we go again, Bash Wright for the Ottawa Blemish. Ignore all the good things he's done.

I don't get it!

...I don't either Sporty....the guy takes a holiday and all hell breaks loose...Seems their has got to be a scapegoat for this fiasco...I hope its not Tom... :roll:

Perhaps certain owners (I won't say who, but I think you know who they are) have exacerbated the Ottawa situation -- potentially killing football in the nation's capital -- to get the rest of the BoG on their side and justify the ousting of Wright.

Their intention would be to bring in a new puppet commissioner, who will look the other way on salary cap infringements, before resurrecting the Ottawa franchise. This would make the new guy look like a miracle worker, thus ensuring his long term employment, and their continued control over the league.

I don't say it's true, but it could be.

Lysko not Wright was the commish that allowed a disfunctional multi owners to be involved in the franchise, some of which were family members. How do you say potential conflict. It is also known and we can all relate to this in real life, the more people become involved the more potenetial for disagreement etc. That is exactly what Eric Tillman said a few days ago on Fan 590/Sportsnet, as the real cause of the current problem.
We here in Toronto have David and Howard, only two owners who think alike and generally like each other. That's what one would say is the absolute maximum, one owner is preferable but two is OK.
So when TW came on as commish it's basically clean up the mess. The Gades multi difunctional owners could not and along comes the Gleiberguys willing to buy into this already mess situation. Like TW said there were no other buyers locally or otherwise. So its the Gleiberguys or no football. The BOG knew full well and voted in the new owners. So how can TW be responsible. We all agree how after the fact it may not have been a good decision, but what was the alternative?

TW will be fine, he isn't going anywhere, no matter what the naysayers say.

The OTTAWA press has been on the CFL's case since it came back.They don't want a CFL team. :roll:

WRIGHT at the time had to find somebody for OTTAWA or there would be no team last year.

Does the OTTAWA press think that owners are easy to find?

All they do is complain but offer no solutions at all.

Why not write about all the business leaders who won't save this team?

But NO , it is always some one eles fault.

Go ahead HUGE , BOB find an OTTAWA owner , get sponsorships and T.V. contracts.