Tom Wilson video (Ivor Wynne Stadium)

Canadian Rock legend Tom Wilson just posted a video on his Facebook. I watched it and saw that there are quite a few shots taken at Ivor Wynne. We all know he's a loyal Tiger-Cats fan so I guess it's a natural location for him. I looked it up on YouTube so here it is. (He's the guy with the guitar)

Tom as you know has won many Juno awards for when he was in Junkhouse. He also has a band called Blackie and the Rodeo Kings and now has this project called Lee Harvey Osmond as well. (it's a little different than what we are used to from Tom but intriguing nonetheless) Many musicians explore into different areas at times.

We should appreciate Tom for always promoting Hamilton.

Thanks for thinking about us here on on a slow news day, deerhunter.

Some of us may have found it worthwhile to endure that music video
to be able to see a few shots from inside Ivor Wynne Stadium. :roll:

Well, different tastes for everyone I suppose.

I like Tom's work in general and this particular video is interesting in that it represents a break from his normal stuff from the past. Like art work, one can always appreciate different styles.

I think it's pretty creative myself. Different? Yes, but that's fine with me.

Remember when Robert Plant did a project called the Honeydrippers? It's probably a good break from the norm for these artists.

Is that a shot of the visitors locker room at Ivor Wynne in the video? If so, no wonder the visiting teams complain. It reminds me of the change rooms at a city hockey arena.

I'll repeat, Tom Wilson is a Hamilton booster large. I'm glad he hails from here.

Prominent local musician but a “legend” :roll: That’s a bit much.

I watched the video a few times more and I think I've come up with what I think he was trying to do.

I believe it's kind of a quirky, -tongue-in-cheek- re-visiting of all the locations that meant something to him when he was young.

Ivor Wynne (high school football, a Tiger-Cats fan etc)

Confederation Park at the beach (parties! yah!)

I think I recognize Hidden Valley in there too at the park.

A few pubs and local cafe's he frequented?

A couple of houses he's lived in including a bedroom view of one?

The Bruce Trail up on the escarpment

Certain neighbourhoods and local parks he hung in. Locke St, Aberdeen ?

Student city worker perhaps? (the flag man)

To me, it's a rather interesting video and fun trying to figure it out.

I think I made a mis-read on Hidden Valley Park.

It appears to be the Reservoir at the top of Dundurn.

I have no idea where the wide steps are though but he must have hung out there.

Heard he had a cottage in Port Loring.

Don't know about that.

But I do know he's one of President George W. Bush's favourites (Blackie and the Rodeo Kings). President Bush has the album BARK on his Ipod

Maybe Tom doesn't need a cottage and can go to Texas to the ranch on vacation now.


Tom asked me to post this for him if you guys don't mind. :slight_smile:

"I'm very proud to say that the little video from Ivor Wynne has secured record deals including France and has gotten lots of attention from our ever growing American audience...The positive response from all over the Europe and North America has been a bit overwelming...The only negative response has come from my hometown on theTi Cat chat board...Imagine that???I CAN'T...Traveling and having hits all over the world just to have my only negative response from my hometown...I have always believed that if i had relied on my much loved hometown to support my quest i'd be broke and tired and miserable...BUT...I'm the exact opposite of all of the that...I remember being on tour in Europe a few years back and standing on a stage in front of a festival audience of about 30 thousand i could hear one voice shouting at the us "Oskie wee wee"...That was one of the proudest moments in my life.....That moment was better than any of my Junos and gold records...That moment made me a pround Hamiltonian...Match it .... I dare you...

I'm back living in Hamilton and loving it."..


Here's a piece out of THE USA about the videos and the project LEE HARVEY OSMOND.. AS WELL AS SOME UPCOMING TOUR DATES...

LEE HARVEY OSMOND hits the road....
3.29.09> > WVU Creative Arts Center - Mountain Stage (supporting> Cowboy Junkies)-Morgantown, West Virginia

3.31.09> > Ram’s Head (supporting Cowboy Junkies)- Annapolis,> Maryland

4.01.09> > Scottish Rite Auditorium (supporting Cowboy Junkies)-> Collingswood, New jersey

4.02.09> > City Winery (supporting Cowboy Junkies)- New York,New> York

4.03.09> > Nock Auditorium (supporting Cowboy Junkies)-> Newburyport, Masschusetts

4.22.09> > The Dakota Tavern- Toronto Ontario

4.23.09> > Black Sheep Inn- Wakefield Quebec

4.24.09> > The NEW LOCATION for Casey Fisher’s "The Living> Room"- Kingston, Ontario

4.25.09> > The Market Hall- Peterborough, Ontario

5.01.09> > The Casbah- Hamilton,Ontario

5.09.09> > Zooma Cafe'-Jordan,Ontario

7.24-26.09> > The Calgary Folk Festival-Calgary Alberta

8.14-16.09 -The salmon Arm Roots and Blues> Festival-Salmon Arm B.C

Tom sure can move!!! not sure why Mick Foley the wrestler is in it though.

you nut! :lol:


Just another outlet for The Longer's dancing... uh.... "skillz"?


I'm not a major fan, but I enjoyed the video. Thanks, deerhunter!