Tom Vallesi Works N.F.L. Game Tonight

As part of the referee development program (with a little Hamilton flavour), Tom Vallesi worked as the back judge of tonight’s MNF game.

Good to see.

Congrats to Tom Vallesi ! You’ve come a long way from watching your big sisters practise basketball at your east mountain school. Now you’re an educator and a CFL/NFL official. Life is good when you work hard and make your family proud.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Congrats to Tom. He also gave a lot of his time to minor football and touch football over the years. He's one ref (maybe the only one) that I can't remember screaming at!

Yes, he worked hard Pat, but he had somegreat influences and role models in that east mountain school as well. One coach in particular who could coachevery sport equally as well :slight_smile: