Tom Ricks.....past Tiger-Cat?

I was checking out all the players from Illinois State that have gone through Hamilton and I saw a player, Tom Ricks, listed as having played for the Tiger-Cats as a Defensive Back from '83-'84

(count 16 up from the bottom of the list in this webpage below....)

[url=] ... ootbl.html[/url]

Now, the name never rung a bell so I checked out the all-time Tiger-Cat roster below and couldn't find him.

Anyone remember this guy? (not a big deal really except that I enjoy mysteries)... :lol:

( to check out all-time roster click below link)

[url=] ... istory.pdf[/url]
8) Let me assure you deerhunter, this guy Tom Ricks never played for the TiCats !!!
 He may have passed through town for a quick cup of coffe, but that would have been the extent of it !!