Tom Higgins

As per Herb hes our next coach. Thoughts? Hes been away for a while, but probably knows all the cracks in the rules!!!

Doubtful he'd have been my first choice, but I could live with it.

While he does not posess Trestman’s brilliant offensive mind. The rest is earily similar. Their demeanor, their tone, they even have the same stance (Tall lanky banker look). I would much, much have preferred Blake Nill but I guess Tom was more desperate.

Beggers can't be choosers. Tom does have a Grey Cup ring though I believe.

Cant say Im impressed to have Ned Flanders as our Head Coach. Always found him very vanilla, more of a banker than a coach.

But he probably is the good citizen that Mr. Wetenhall and Co. feel they need to grow the Alouettes in the city. I`m sure Higgins will have to locate here.

This certainly means the Jim Popp era will end at the end of the season. Nothing is forever.

What will make or break it is who is the O/C.

Thorpe can run the D with minimal oversight; if the O/C can do the same, Higgins would be a decent choice.

Nice call lestaff!!

Mr. Wetenhall has always liked him. So I guess it gives our owner some options at the end of the season. Jim's left a lot of money on the table... :cowboy:

Euh... qu'est-ce que j'ai prédit, exactement? :?

Didn't you predict an announcement this week ?

The good news is we won`t have to worry about the NFL stealing him away every off-season.

He's experienced, had some success and is good to the media. He's well connected. Not sure this fixes our OC problem and likely means the end of Jim Popp in MOntreal. I think he's eyeballing Barker's job once MLSE buys the Argos. Probably thinks that train will lead him to his NFL dream when MLSE moves the Bills :lol:

.....Maybe the owner reads these forums more than you think hfxtc...I think he was sensing a little uneasy feeling with regard to the fan base :wink:

...Nothing wrong with Higgins....he definitely has the CFL experience you need...Still very much in touch with the league ,since his departure from league office has been fairly recent...As far as his coaching abilities :roll: ..He could be like Etcheverry whom we have just hired...great till the opposition catches on :lol: Good for awhile though...

Ah! C'était plus une spéculation raisonnée qu'une prédiction.

À vrai dire, il y a du bon comme du moins bon dans cette probable nomination. Ce que j'aime, c'est que Higgins a le parcours pour éventuellement agir comme DG. Il apporte donc un plan de relève si Popp ne voulait pas renouveler son contrat avant l'expiration de celui-ci, ni poursuivre avec les Alouettes après la saison qui vient.

D'autre part, il a travaillé avec des équipes compétitives à l'époque. La question demeure de savoir s'il s'est actualisé depuis ses années à Calgary.

D'autre part, je suis curieux de savoir qui seront les entraîneurs qui combleront les postes manquants.

Le moins bon est que Higgins a été sorti du football comme entraîneur depuis 2008. Il lui faudra un bon coordonnateur à l'attaque pour l'épauler de ce côté, et ce ne sera pas facile d'en dénicher un maintenant.

Oh...I thought I read where you suggested Higgins.

Interesting that it's being reported now Higgins was hired against Popp's wishes. Certainly does raise doubts about Popp's future with the team, this time though he's not the one hinting he could leave.

I knew the minute Mr. Wetenhall did his press release that he was hiring a new coach that Popp's days in MOntreal were done.

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Now the two questions that remain is who will Higgins will choose to complete his staff and how long will Popp be kept around. My guesss is should he agree that his final year of his contract is severance and bonus for coaching last season, he will be cut loose free as a bird. If he and his sister want to play hard ball he can twist in the wind for a year.

popp HAS to go now that he's leaked that Higgins was not his choice. Thats the only way for that tidbit to come out.

looks like he wants to be fired.

Qulle bévue. J'aime Higgins mais ça va chauffer. Je ne comprends pas comment Wetenhall et Weightman aient pu faire cela, Popp est furieux. Il partira probablement pour Toronto et rendra la vie très difficile aux Alouettes. Ne soyez pas surpris s'il prend Thorpe et tout le reste avec lui. Espérons que les choses se calment dans les prochaines heures/jours.