Tom Higgins

Tom Higgins resigned today as CFL Head of Officiating, presumably to persue a coaching job. It will be interesting to see where he ends up, I am going to throw out the possibility of him landing in Ottawa as GM or in Edmonton as assistant Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator or as assistant GM, lord knows Hervey needs some help. No information, inside or otherwise, just a gut feeling. I lean to Edmonton because I think he still lives in Alberta, but Ottawa is probably the more likely of the two.

I’m thinking Montreal

I ammended my original post slightly after a bit of reflection.

Desjardins is the GM in Ottawa. Why would Higgins replace Desjardins? That makes no sense. To me, he's either going to be OC for the Als or OC / Assistant HC for the Eskimos, and given his history with the Esks, and with Hervey, whom he coached, I think it'll be Edmonton.

Makes a lot of sense. Edmonton or Montreal

For some reason I thought Desjardins was the interim GM. I checked the RedBlacks site and it looks like I was mistaken. I am back to the Edmonton thought.

Hamilton is suppose to be replacing Mitchell some time in the near future. That would be as President of Football not a GM seeing Austin is the GM/Coach. Mitchell was suppose to be moving on to other jobs for Bob Young.
Tom Higgins is a good Football man and character guy.

Most teams are going on a youth movement in coaching. The team I could see Higgins going to is Calgary, as perhaps the assistant GM or in player personelle. Another option could be as an OL coach somewhere.

I think he's headed somewhere for sure...doubt he'd have resigned without being close to a deal.

Not so sure. As director of officiating it would be very bad optics to be negotiating with individual teams.

He has a huge history with Hugh Campbell, maybe he hooks up with his son in Ottawa.

I've always thought the League "parked" him at HQ until a coaching or GM job came up that worked....there's no other explanation for why he got the job. A non referee as D of O never made any sense to me. Thus, "soft" conversations with teams wouldn't be out of the ordinary especially after GC.

You could be correct. How about DC, Tom was a LBer in his playing days. While we're at it, might as well throw in Jacques Chapdelaine as the new OC.

One question I would have liked to ask Rick at the press conference (just for fun) was which QB he thought would be the best fit for the new franchise. Tate or Glenn.

The real question is ..what moron will replace him? Mike effin Kelly is still lookin for work. What about someone else with no experience in officiating. Some like Kavis Reed. What a joke Higgins hire was

doesn't matter who replaces him, many will still dis him every week. :roll:

Gee, I don't know. How about one of the 20+ officials that he whacked during his five year stint?

Excellent assumption, think of Higgins being very similar to Brian Burke's situation in the NHL as past head of discipline and officiating in the NHL, and then sliding into many GM and executive roles in the league. I see the same paralell with Higgins in the CFL. He probably wants to be a GM or executive somewhere in the CFL and he has the trust of the CFL head office and Mark Cohon. All the power to him, I think Higgins is a great football strategist.

Now it has comes out that Tom Higgins was fired by the league and he didn't quit on his own. Hope he can land a job somewhere in the league, he's a good guy from everything I have heard about him.

You heard that where?

.....yes...please enlighten us???