Tom Higgins....?????

....Has expressed great interest in 'All' of the positions now vacant in the Bomber organization....I could see Tom ,being a man with vast CFL experience and communication skills, being hired.....I hope he gets an interview ... he says the bod has not made an effort to contact him as of yet ...Showing the kind of interest he has...i think they should get his number and give him a call....Certainly , we should pay due diligence to all applicants..... but it's nice to see the calibre of a Tom Higgins being so 'very' interested in the Winnipeg Blue Bombers... :thup:

He deseves a look for sure, you could easily do worse. . .

What concerns me though, is Hildahl being quoted by TSN as indicating: "ideally the team would like to hire the VP of football operations by the end of January so that person could have input in selecting a head coach."

If the Bombers wait to the end of January, whoever it is that they decide they want as head coach may have already been snapped up by the Argos by that time. Bit risky it seems to me. . .

....yes ....exactly MadJack....that's why i've been harping on a quick and expedient decision on the positions to be filled...It's tricky.....You want to be seen as practicing due diligence...and at the same time...we can't afford to wait forever.......A bit of a dilemma we find ourselves in...... :roll: :roll: I'm glad i'm not sitting on that board :lol:

I don't know why you say that papa, I think you'd be great on the Board !!

Anyway, I do agree with you. . .it's sort of damned if you do and damned if you don't.

A tough balancing act, expeditious and due diligence. . .

Best thing to happen is for the Argos to fire Rita and Mohns, then you'll be more equal, needing front office personnel first and then head coach. As it is, if Toronto keeps those two, then they're ahead of you in getting a head coach, so they'll get first pick, as it were.

…wellllll…as long as Rita and Mohns stay in their respective positions … I’d say we are on equal ground out of the gate :lol: :lol: and maybe we have a leg-up… :lol: :lol:

The way I see it, the Bombers are dragging their feet only because they are waiting to see if the Riders cut Tillman loose.

Tillman being hired in Winnipeg would cause a big backlash amongst the fans IMO. Those who live in Winnipeg will remember the uproar regarding Dr. Ross Brown so I can't see the BoD going anyway near Tillman.

Conduct a proper interview process and hire the best candidates, that usually takes awhile when done properly. Throw in the holidays and working around peoples schedules and it takes longer. If there were only one or two worthy applicants it might get done quicker, if anything, the longer it takes the better the competition and tougher the decision to be made.

Don't forget, there are still good people in place running the day to day business and getting ready for the draft, free agency and what have you.

I agree. Let's take the time that is needed to find the best candidate and conduct the interviews in a professional manner. We don't want to have a repeat of a Bauer styled hiring process. If it takes another month so be it.

You are comparing apples and oranges. Hiring Tillman would not cause any backlash. If we survived Bauer and Kelly we can survive anything. As long as the candidate can bring us a cup, who really cares. Also was Asper not involved in some sort of sexual harrassement issue with one of his employees several years ago. I don't see anyone rushing out to hang him.

....We also don't want to be seen as 'playing second fiddle' for talent to fill positions....I'm sure the bod...with the help of Asper will find a very suitable candidate....The time element is pressing as there is another club in the hunt...If it were just the Bombers i'd say take a looooooong look.....we don't exactly have that luxury with regard to time :wink:

Dr. Brown was convicted of distributing child porn (having his name as administrator of a website). There was no evidence that he ever took any of the images that were being distributed or that he has ever molested a child. Tillman plead guilty to sexual assault of a 16 year old. Both totally unacceptable behaviour that I in no way want associated with the Bombers. Tillman now claiming that nasty Bomber fans were saying not nice things to his wife (which I don't condone if the incidents actually occurred - I'm just PO that he is playing the sympathy card by making Bomber fans look bad) makes him even less suitable that before.

Many Bomber fans make themselves look bad.

Totally agree...I don't think Tillman is a good idea at all...we need someone who's um, baggage

As far as bringing in and recognizing good/great players ,,,,,we have a man with that kind of talent....Murphy....Higgins would be ten times the man 'tainted' Tilman would be for any position ..Eric certainly wouldn't be anywhere near my short list of candidates........ and seeing how Tilman might be playing a reduced role in sask.....he won't be available at any rate....He might resign some say...In any case.....i hope the bog takes a wide berth on any consideration of 'that' man.... :wink:

If the Bombers are serious about winning in 2010, they should hire Tillman. Yes, he comes with baggage, but he knows how to put together a winning program (yes, he will bust the cap, guaranteed, but your team will be one to be reckoned with). And there is now no way you will get Taman...the Riders need him more than ever now that Tillman has been fired.

If Winnipeg does not act quickly, I guarantee you Toronto will hire Tillman.

They can have him...we don't need him to be serious about 2010