Tom Higgins press conference today !

This guy is confused !

I noticed they won't let Bear Woods speak to the media after shooting his mouth off :oops:

that was a link to a Marco Brouillette interview

It's for all of them, scroll down !

Is he confident about this weekend? Because he's played at McGill before and knows where the locker room is so the game should be in the bag for the Als. :lol:

Hes an idiot.. Like we cant have Canadian coaches, but have to import this kind of stupidity? Something is seriously wrong with country.

Never thought much of him when he was in Calgary or Edmonton or the league office for that matter. The league must not have either, the way they let him go. I would have liked to see Noel Thorpe given a chance in Montreal.

As an Als fan, I want to put a paper bag over my head every time he speaks. :oops:

What's wrong with Country? I listen to Country and like Steven Tyler said on the CMA awards, "Country is the new Rock and Roll". By the way do you ever have anything good to say about anybody?

I'm not a Higgins fan as a HC but looking at fan response to officiating this year. Firing him might not have been the greatest move by the league.

This guy is out there :roll: pigs in space :lol:

Video review has improved this season, althought there is still room for improvement. The on field guys, some have improved some need to be fired. I'm willing to give Johnson another season to amke corrections from this year. We have seen an improvement from week 1 to now.

I'm ok with the crackdown but I think we are a minority.

They have made adjustments since week 1 and while they still have a long way too go I think the overall quality in the last month was a heck of a lot better than the first half of the season. Johnson (or maybe the league?) went way overboard with the application of some rules this year. Let's see how Johnson adjusts next season. Hopefully we continue to see more improvement as we have seen towards the end of this season.

Higgins never should have had the job in the first place and he got 6 years to screw it up. I think Johnson deserves at least a second season.