Tom Higgins out as Stampeders HC

Let the should we get him speculation begin


Although some may slag someone with Grey Cup rings, I will simply say that as a head coach Tom Higgins to date has not been my cup of tea. I've seen plenty of instances where I have scratched my head over game management decisions he's made.

Nonetheless, he is someone who may indeed enter into the speculation re head coach and/or GM musings for the Cats. It may be as a possible GM candidate that Higgins might get more support from members of Ticat Nation.

I'm partial to Bob O'Billovich as our next GM, so we shall see who winds up with the task of fixing the mess in Tigertown. Obie's reputation as a CFL-tested administrator and talent-finder is well-known and respected. I hope the club takes the extra time to ensure all approachable candidates for GM are vetted, even if it means another week or two after the Grey Cup to get the field properly vetted.

Obie, Higgins, and others may be in that mix -- even the Popp situation in Montreal is not rock-solid for his retention. Getting the right guy is absolutely essential this time around. I hope it's Obie.

Oski Wee Wee,

8) Yes, let's sign him up immediately, before someone else does !!!!! :roll: :wink:

Personally, while yes some of Higgins’ decisions were questionable, I’ve always liked his deameanor and how he comes across, I think he is first class all the way. That being said, no idea if he would fit into any plans the Cats have.

By rejecting Calgary's alternate job offer, Higgins obviously has his eyes set on a coaching job in either Hamilton or Montreal.

That would be the impression, wouldn't it?

He stated he didn't want to accept a front office position, so it looks like he really wants to coach as opposed to being a GM or some other front office position.

When I read this comment on

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I got that impression, too, Madjack,

"Higgins says that he turned down the offer
because he could not see himself working at a desk.'

until I read the rest of his comments over.

"I'm a football person," Higgins

"I've been a football person all my life.

I don't think I'm ready now to start dealing with
public relations, the media and special projects.

"When I turned down the job that was presented to me,
I knew there was still a mindshift that was going to occur
that I was no longer going to be the coach of Calgary Stampeders.

That doesn't fit my personality,
lifestyle choice as of right now.

I like to be involved in football operations."

The job of G.M is a football operations job
that involves a different type of desk work

than public relations, the media or special projects

but I am still confused as to what Tom's wishes are.

I had the same feeling of confusion about Higgins’ comments too Ron. Not sure if he wants to coach or be GM, or both. He wouldn’t be doing both in Hamilton.

Maybe they wanted him to work PR because of all the clapping and cheering he did on the sidelines.:slight_smile: I could see him wearing a mascot uniform or cheerleader outfit for the TiCats before becoming GM or HC.