Tom Higgins out as Als Head Coach

Relieved of his duties by Bob Wetenhall. Jim Popp taking over.

This is just coming across the wires now. It was announced moments ago on TSN (1040) radio in Vancouver.

Yeah...pretty crazy
Higgins was ownerhips choice as HC...not Popps's and Popp has never been a huge fan...clearly he saw something that finally got the approval from above to make a move, but the timing seems odd...coming off a win where you have not won in 15 years...D is solid...O is okay and improving...solid run to take pressure off the Rook while BC's D is recovering from losing their main guy...just weird timing. He makes some strange decisions though and I am left wondering if the really weird QB swapping yesterday caused a confrontation somewhere

this doesn't make any sense to me. they just won a game most didn't expect them to win

If I wanted them to lose before, it goes double now.

Maybe Higgins wouldn't vote NDP

Well...Popp never wanted him...that is fairly well known.
Sitting Bowman pissed off fans and perhaps the team.
Juggling QBs made one question his decision making...there was little logic to it.

none the less...the only thing I can figure is that they have someone in mond and want to make an offer before another team, ie the Riders, can

TSN's story...

All I can say is...

Didn't see the trigger being pulled the day after a win and they've done better than I expected after Crompton going down in week 1 and going third string shortly there after.

But if he was butting heads with Popp then the circus can go on.

My opinion is that the decision to fire Higgins was made weeks ago and timed to come after this game, which they probably wanted to give to the old regime because we hadn't won in BC in so long. To me, there are a few reasons for this firing: the offensive stagnation, ridiculous personnel decisions (including the benching of John Bowman), and Higgins's inability to get a handle on the penalties and to properly manage games.

Popp again? So sick of seeing this guy as coach.
Didn’t they fire Hawkins after a win, too?

I will be honest, I questioned if he would make it out of last season.

Firing after a win sends a message...a win is not enough

It's obvious this move was made before the win yesterday, otherwise it makes no sense to fire him now.

As did many of us, for sure. He probably wouldn't have survived had the D not played elite for the final two-thirds of the season and dragged the team kicking and screaming into the playoffs. And even then, Popp had to step in after Higgins's own hire, Worman, was fired a week into TC for apparently making anti-francophone ethnic slurs. It was Popp who hired Matthews, Schonert, and Garcia as assistants when it became clear that Higgins had no contacts left in the league and no ability to do anything except be a corporate figurehead coach.

So the 9-9 record and the playoff win saved his job but the disastrous season so far sealed his fate. The guy's best-before date was 2007. He worked in officiating for seven years and I doubt anyone was beating down the door for his coaching services.

Firing after a win sends a message...a win is not enough
Exactly. It tells me that the org looked, saw a dysfunctional team, and reacted accordingly. the win was a fluke?..great because I was getting worried that my inability to pick VGCC wins was because of lack of knowledge...

The distinction starts at the top.. Wetenhall is senile and Popp is bitter he never got his NFL shot and has now lost his mind too

Yep, why was Tanner Marsh attempting passes last game? That made little sense sending in a cold QB in that situation.

Should've waited until after their upcoming loss this Thursday.

I wasn't blown away by Higgins in Montreal, but everyone knows Popp is not a CFL coach. He seems to have a liking to it, but he's not a quality CFL coach. He's a pretty good GM, and he should stick to that.

Popp is a better head coach than Higgins. Not a doubt in my mind. No, he's not going to outcoach Huf, Austin, Milanovich, or Jones but he can get into the trenches, eliminate the dysfunction, and provide the kind of quality control on his assistants that Higgins was flat-out incapable of doing.

Maybe Popp needs to go, he is responsible for hiring all these coaches only to be fired. If anyone is incompetent I'd say it was Popp.

There may be other behind the scenes things that we do not know about, but I think I'll have to disagree that Popp is a better head coach. Popp is a better head coach than Dan Hawkins, or Bart Andrus, but his coaching record is vastly worse than Tom Higgins historically.

Tough call IMO because they were 9 points from being 6-2.