Tom Higgins hired as new Head Coach of Alouettes

Herb Zurkowsky, Montreal football writer, just broke the news on Twitter.

Against Popps wishes!
I think Popps days are numbered in Montreal.
Higgins was hired by the owner

Also according to the Journal, Higgins was not Popp's choice to succeed him at the coaching helm.

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Owner doing the hiring while GM looks for a job elsewhere and mad he wasnt consulted ? - dysfunction Als style.

Granted, but this is the first step in eliminating that dysfunction. Popp is likely done in Montreal and the organization is moving forward.

Offseason indecision over who actually runs the team may have cost you Shea Emry.

I doubt it. Emry went to Toronto because he wanted to play for Tim Burke again (he had his breakout years under Burke as DC in Montreal in 2009 and 2010). Emry was POed that his stats were down in 2013 because Thorpe's scheme doesn't make the MLB a star (the outside linebackers are the playmakers). Sure, he may have claimed that coaching uncertainty fueled his decision, but I think he's full of BS. Emry cares about his own stats, nothing more and nothing less.

It hurts to lose Emry, but we'll survive without him, and in the long term, he may not be better off.

Lastly, even if you're right -- and it's quite possible you are -- it doesn't disprove my point. Whatever dysfunction is in the org, Wetenhall is taking steps to get rid of it. The damage is done with this offseason, but hopefully we can become a healthy franchise again going forward.

Interesting how Popp has gone from being the acknowledged genius of all CFL GMs to the centre of dysfunction in the Alouettes organization in just a couple of years. Seems to coincide with the decline and ultimate end to the Anthony Calvillo QB era.

It is no secret that Popp wants an NFL gig.
I do not understand his actions, I think he has damaged his reputation on this one,
It has the look of Popp throwing a hissy fit over Higgins getting hired by the owner.
Popp should have welcomed Higgins into the fold and taken the high road even if it was for appearances only,
Getting fired from his previous job for not supporting his owner is not great resume material.

I posted in another thread and I'll say the same here: Popp was a great GM for us, but nothing is forever. He's been in charge of the Als for 17 years. That is an absurdly long time in the world of pro sports. No matter how good you are, eventually you lose your edge and a change becomes necessary. I respect and honor what Popp did in the past, but he has been falling off over the past three years and it's reached a nadir now, with this extension nonsense and the NFL job-chasing. I think a change would benefit both the Als and Popp himself. Everyone gets stale.

I will now wait with great anticipation of watching Higgins question the ref's that he's sooooooooo protected over the years about the ref'ing abilities & penaltiy calls. Welcome back to some of the worst ref'ing in sport Tom! You 're aren't the zebra protector any more.


I agree with most of this post except that I think Popp was great this year, after making a bad mistake in hiring Hawkins. Without Calvillo, Richardson, Whittaker, they were still unlucky to lose to Hamilton in the playoffs.