Tom Higgins fired!!

Higgins just got the axe. Popp taking over wow!

Source? Don't see this on TSN or the Gazette's sites...

Never mind, just saw the RDS link.

The fact that this happened after a win tells me that the org was contemplating this move for weeks. Kudos to Wetenhall for making the difficult but necessary decision. It can't be easy to fire the guy you hired over your GM's head, but he did it. :thup:

Popp was probably away at the nfl camps. Hes back and doesnt like the way the team is going. Kudos the sherif is back. Now learn there lesson and higher a normal god damn coach!

Popp is smart enough to leave Thorpe alone, but will he be more "hands on" with Turk?

Maybe if the GM lays down the law the ST players will smarten up.

I think you'll see some of the screwier personnel decisions come to a halt. I suspect Bowman will magically find himself on the active roster and the tempo of practice will improve.

One thing is for sure: most of us here thought Schonert would be fired long before Higgins, but that hasn't turned out to be the case. Or perhaps this is the prelude to another offensive "restructuring"? Back when Hawkins was fired, he was canned first and then the details about Berry taking over the offense and Miller being demoted came out later...

Turk's minutes must be numbered. I can't imagine Mr. 3rd and 1 has a hope of keeping his post.

Who knows maybe AC takes over as the OC?

Hope not. Rookie coach taking over as OC? Too soon

Play calling perhaps, with Dinwiddie back as OC leading the game planning and maybe tweaking the playbook, if TS dumped; and RD sharing the QB coach role with AC.

60% of respondents on think the move was too early.

I expect 100% of Als opponents thought it was too early; always easier to coach against rudderless ship.

Does that mean Slant goes away too ? :slight_smile:

The way they treated Bowman was likely the last straw.

Thorpe and Willis are going to have some 'splaining to do...

Probably a bunch of idiot fans who think the decision was bad because we won last night... :lol:

Apparently it was Wettenhal who let him go and it was prior to last night's game.

So the question is, do they have Popp as HC for the remainder of the season or do they try and bring someone in sooner rather than later?

LaPolice as an example.

Let Popp finish the season as HC. You're not going to get any good candidates right now, because they are all gainfully employed.

If Riders continue to lose, they may in fact go after LaPolice before season's end was my thinking.