Tom Higgins -- Director of Officiating - merged

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Interesting choice-- definitely someone who I did not expect to get this job.

Ouch I hope he does not hold grudges. Possible targets:

Calgary Stampeders
BC Lions

Naw Ned Flanders is as honest as the days come. He will fit in well and hopefully with his experience in coaching he can get the job done unlike Daley.

You forgot Edmonton! :lol: :lol:

Like Sambo said interesting choice. Interesting question, what if Ottawa offers him the Head Coaching job in 2010? Will he bail?

There was speculation about this last fall if I recall correctly. Good, its about time!


Good man for the job....however, as someone suggested, has Tom really got coaching out of his system...He certainly knows the game but the ol' draw of 'just one more ring' may appear on the horizon when a few head-coaching positions are available....but for now....good hire... :thup:

i really Higgins, he is a smart man and highly dedicated. I think his on field playing and coaching experience will suit him well in this position. Good by the the CFL.

What a great choice, and one i hadnt considered. I hope he doesnt jump
ship at first chance to coach again.

A great choice for a great guy.
I am sure he will last until the next HC position.

Are you happy now? He finally picked someone! :lol:

And an interesting choice. I definitely didn't expect it. Congrats to Higgins on the promotion.

It is a good choice. I believe he will be fair and honest. That is one of the hallmarks of his career.

Think Jiminez is nervous? Refs will watch him every play with Higgins as boss. Hope he gets what he deserves.

Higgins always seemed to be nice guy. Thought he got bad deal in Edmonton and Calgary. Hope he does good job with refs. CFL needs better officiating. 1 thing we can all agree on.

I think he'll be great. No doubt austinpowers, players like Kiminiz better watch out.

Who is Kiminiz?

...i believe he plays for the Ruskies hockey squad...not even the right sport my son :roll:

I listened to Tom on 1040 radio this morning , I never had listened to him for any length of time and was impressed by his knowledge of the game and the amount of time he has been in Canada and involved with the CFL . After the interview I thought the CFL had made a great decision in hiring Tom for the Job . This guy certainly has a passion for the Game. I think the league will be better with him in this position.