Tom Higgins as Referee Chief

I don't know if its just me, but I believe Tom Higgins has made a difference already in his new job as Sheriff.

We can never get away from the offsides and procedure penalties of players being stupid. But to me there is more common sense calls being made or in some cases not made which has helped the flow of the game IMO. :thup:
Scoring across the league is up... is that just a coincidence?

With that being said I hope the refs don't go out next weekend and put on a show. :slight_smile:

the cfl needs to do something about the replay system, they should just take away the coaches’ challenges, because it makes no sense, there is only one timeout per half, yet if a team has already used their timeout, they are still allowed to challenege a play without any penalty, it makes no sense.

The cfl should just let the replay both handle all questionable calls, similar to college football, in which the replay operator buzzes down to the referee.

Yes I'm starting to think the coaches are using the challenge, if the opportunity arises, to give their defenses a break or talk things over with their QB's.
Just like they used to use fake injuries.
Maybe there will have to be a rule put in to march off some yards if the play isn't reviewable.

I agree..
If a play is not reviewable or if the team has none left(like Trestman did a few weeks ago), there should be a delay of game penalty.
However, the refs need to straighten out what is and what is not reviewable...IE the Montreal Ham game.

ro1313, I agree with you to some extent on straightening out what is reviewable BUT that has to be with the coaches and not the refs. The refs do need to apply everything fairly though. They could have had the play reviewed if they had asked for the ref to review whether a fumble occurred. The ref would have reviewed it, said yes, and correctly awarded posseision. Instead, they asked for a review of who recovered the "fumble/strip" when a fumble had not been ruled on the field. Fumble recoveries are not reiviewable. The coach should know that and ask for the correct thing. THAT BEING SAID THE REF SHOULD HAVE EXPLAINED THAT!!!!

EE,s H.C missed a challange op on a Argo scoring drive, Args went hurry up to get away with a ruled completion that was clearly a trap on the turf. It cost the EE,s the game?

Well I agree, coaches are abusing the challenge flags by throwing it to talk to the ref. The penalty for delay of game needs to start being called.

I'm not sure I'm seeing a difference otherwise. Games are running really long. Bad calls still abound. The games have been higher scoring and more exciting, but I attribute that more to the players taking fewer dumb penalties and making more tough catches then I do to the refs calling the game differently.

I don't think throwing the challenge flag to talk to the ref is really abuse. If they are throwing it just to stop the game to give them an extra time out, there should be a penalty. But a discussion with the ref when you really believe the rules are being misapplied, like with Taaffe in the game against Saskatchewan, is not really an abuse. The officials were standing around chatting with Ken Miller, while totally ignoring Taaffe.

In strict accordance with the rules, they could have thrown a flag on Taaffe, but with Riders having the ball first down on the one-yard line, it wouldn't have made a difference.

In the Winnipeg/B.C. game, Doug Berry threw the flag on the interception in the end zone because he believed his player was interfered with (which he was, by the way.) In strict accordance with the rules, Winnipeg should have been penalized.

In the Toronto/Edmonton game, Rich Stubler threw the flag when the officials waved off an intentional grounding call because there was an eligible receiver in the area. (Which there was: though he wasn't near where the ball landed, the ball went just a foot or so over his head, so he was in the vicinity.) Toronto should have gotten a delay of game penalty.

So okay, let's start handing out delay of game penalties when a coach throws a challenge flag for an unchallengeable call. Because Lord knows, we just can't get enough of the officials. There's nothing more exciting than watching the guys in the stripes march off those yards. Ooh, I just LOVE that. What this league needs is MORE PENALTIES being called.