Tom Higgins applies for Riders GM + HC positions

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.@sportscage - "I'm told Tom Higgins has applied for the Roughriders' GM and Head Coach positions." #CFL #Riders

Exactly the guy they should not hire. No connections, no scouting ability and no attitude. At least Taman didn't try to pass himself off as a Coach.

Tom Higgins = "Final Nail in the Riders Coffin".

He won't get the job. They should give it to O'Day and give him the money to build the best scouting staff in the CFL. They have the money for it anyway.

Higgins would be a great pick-up for the Riders IMO.

:roll: if Higgens is that great of a pickup why don't you take him :oops:

And if he's so great why isn't he still in Edmonton, or Calgary, or CFL HQ or Montreal.....he's been all those places in the past 11 seasons!!

Yeah, as an Ottawa fan, I agree with you. :wink: I believe you and I both mean it the same way, too. :thup:

The Riders need to just settle down and develop the talent they already have. That means the players, and the executives. Keep Bob Dyce as coach, and Jeremy O'Day as GM and let them get on with their respective jobs. My guess is they'll do just fine.


remove interim from O'Day and give him the opportunity to build his stamp on the team.
give Dyce the opportunity to build his own team and coaching staff.

Higgins would be a great pick

In what functions ? Both !?

As Head of Officials :smiley:


Tom Higgins just may become Riders next GM


if there are better people out there for the job, the Riders should at least go after them before just giving it to O'Day and Dyce.

I agree also.

Not a big fan of Higgins, he won't be hired.

I have a feeling O'Day will stay on, but he goes out and gets a veteran HC.

From all indications and apparent reports, it’s Tillman’s job for the GM to lose.
He still lives in Regina and everyone supposedly has forgiven him for past indiscretions.

Could not agree more. SK is not that far from being at least competitive. Young talent coming up. This season has been almost wiped out by injuries but they have the right people in place.