Tom Higgins / 2 pt. conversion

With about 2 minutes left and 8 points behind, Calgary scores a td and Higgins decides NOT to go for 2 points and tie the game. At that point, 1 point does absolutely no good and what on earth is there to lose by going for 2? Did anyone else find this decision unfathomable? Can anyone explain the logic in this move.? I'm sure someone of Tom Higgins experience has more football knowledge in his little finger that I'll ever have but I can't imagine what he was thinking. Anyone else baffled by this?

Thank you for repeating TSN's color commentary for lastnights game.

Sometimes the bench is quite chaotic and things that you or I may think are simple decisions (while we sit on our couch and tip beverages), are not so obvious when the clock is ticking ...

Toronto was penalized - and by that time Higgins and his staff were able to think more clearly .. and they made the right decision and put out the offense for a 2pt attempt ...


At first I was baffled, however I soon realized what I think Tom Higgins may have been thinking:

First off, I will concede that if there was left then 1 minute left in the game - with little chance of Calgary getting the ball back, then you are absolutely right, it would be unfathomable to not go for 2 points as that only makes sense. However, this is the CFL and we all know that 2 to 3 minutes left in a game can seem be an eternity with much opportunities still for both teams. I believe Higgins felt he still had a 'good' two minutes left, with ample opportunity to make another go at it.

Secondly, taken into consideration that there was enough time left for Calgary to get the ball back and make another drive. By going for a single point conversion, Calgary would have only been down by one point, on the next posession of Calgary's, all they had to do was drive the ball down close enough to go for a field goal. If it misses, the objective would be to pin Toronto in their endzone for the single. The other option would be to punt it through the endzone for the single. Either way, getting close enough to the Toronto endzone to make something happen (score that single and send it into overtime).

Conversely, if they go for the two and miss (which did happen), now they are down by two. A single point is no longer an option.

I agree that was strange............but they could have taken that point....................but then had 2 tries for 2 points and still couldn't make it.

After the ARGOS got supposible , 3 a row what ,B.S.

2 penalties in a row not 3. And two calls that were by the book.

Higgins brilliant moves ....watching that game last night ...are probably one of the reasons the Esks. and he parted ways.....not only were those calls from the bench confusing.... at a time when you need to be calm and deliberate about your decisions....but what about the call to let Clark run for a first down at that stage of a tight game.....makes you wonder....but heh...eveybody can make a bad play call....but SOME of them better work... :roll:

and they still couldn't get the 2 points........or the win...............playing a team on only 3 days rest.

SASK fans should be happy that the ARGOS WON........... :wink: :lol:

And even with those pen...........CALGARY couldn't get the 2 points........ :lol:


in all honestly, I hate the coverts, and wish the CFL would use the Actoin Point (7 ponit TD, then a TD attemt after every play for one point) instead. Had this been in effect, Calgary would have already had 7 and would have to go for one more point.

But I say, yeah, should have gone for it.

Kel1, you nailed it. I was thinking the same thing at the game last night. There was over 2 min to play at that point so with that much time, and good kickoff coverage by the Stamps (as had been the case all night...punt and FG coverage, not as good ), they almost certainly would have gotten the ball back with lots of time.

All they would have had to do at that point is drive to within punt single range to send the game to OT. I think Higgins made the right call at that point.

When the Argos got called for the 1st offside penalty, moving them to the 2, then there was no reason to not go for 2pts.

Hellothere, the Argos were offside three times is that the ref or the Stamps fault no. Get over it!

Obvious offsides at that, even on TV.

GO TO TSN'S "your call " and see the CALGARY fans whining about the REFS as well...................I am over it........WE get over the loss :lol:

NO excuses from ME............WE WON the game. :wink: :lol:

Wait till Higgins makes that call in the playoffs, LOL!

You know you probably wouldn't have so many posters responding negatively to you if you wouldn't gloat like an arrogant pompous ass all the time. It really is childish and getting very old.

As for the football, yes the Argos have a very solid team again this year and are playing very well right now.

And the refs? This message is for you and the Stamp fans. As soon as either of you start to crack about bad calls there is only one word that comes to mind, EXCUSE! That's right and this time it applies to the Stamp fans so that makes you look even worse when it comes from the winning side.

The Esks lead the league in penalties. Maybe I should blame that on the refs eh. Get real, they are a part of the game. A human element and mistakes are to be expected from time to time. As I recall you were one of the posters that was not necessarily in favour of video replay.

I am not a huge fan of the refs either, but it is the team that plays harder that wins. I would not blame any of the Esks losses on officiating, even though I thought it was inconsistent.


Hey HT, jumped the gun. Pompous ass wasn't the best or nicest comment I could have made. Will try to avoid doing it again, but no guarantees! LOL.



You kill me. Is there a rule that a team cant get two penalties
in a row.

I can only imagine the crying you'll be doing when your team eventually
gets knocked out this year, and trust me they will.

You mean we have some miss placed Argo fans in Calgary that are complaining. Again if you have to complain about ref calls you are not a good football fan.


Why in the world would i go to TSN'S "your call" to read about Calgary fans
whining. Im getting my fill on this site from YOU.

Maybe your under the impression I'd accept it coming from a Calgary fan.
Sorry son wrong, I realize ALL teams will get calls for and against, bite the
bullet and live with it.

Truth is we could probably come up with a few excuses. Whats the point??
We lost, thats all that matters.

As I read through the replies I must say that although I am very impressed with the enthusiasm and emotions that the various members have posted I am going to remind of the following:

  • try to stay on topic, I am sure that the person that submited the original post was looking for a response to the originating issue, when he reads the garbage that has followed, he is probably wondering 'what's the point in posting a new subject anway'
  • if you guys want to get personal with eachother, either send a personal message so the rest of us don't have to read your personal, and somewhat childish atacks, on fellow members. Or post a new subject, instead of changing the subject - show some respect to the originator!