Tom Higgen as HC and Stubler for DC

I love the Ticats to go After Tom Higgens as our new Head coach
Then Ritch Stubler as our Defensive Coordinator. & Offensive Coordinator Steve Buratto

Buratto know how to use Printers ..
Stubler know Defence inside and out ..

what do you guys think..

Stubler is a no-brainer. He'd be great in Hamilton. Have you seen what Burrato's offences have done in TO in the last few years? He couldn't find ways to utilize Ricky Williams. He can't find better ways to use last year's MVP Kerry Joseph. His offences are boring, unimaginative and low scoring. And you still want to bring him here? Hamilton would be better off going without an OC than bringing in Burrato.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think Ticat Chat is a weird place for a Calgary fan to be posting.

Let the rest of this year end (mercifully) and see who's going to be replaced, then see who's available... then sharpen spears, light torches and welcome him to angry town.

Angry town - I resent that!!! :twisted:

Higgins would be a great candidate and I really think it's inevitable they will go after and get Stubler for DC. Higgins has a nice job right now so i'm not sure if that'll ever happen. It would be nice though.

Creehan isn't going anywhere, guys. Moreno was probably traded because he mouthed off to Creehan. Obie wouldn't have shipped Moreno out if he thought Creehan would be replaced next year.

I also think Bellefuelle will be head coach next year. Why did we get KK? Because Bellefuelle recommended him. Does that not say Bellefuelle will be the HC next year? Also, Obie likes Bellefuelle a lot, and Obie will be in charge next year.

I think the only assistant who may be hired next year is an OC. But even that may not happen if they give the job to McManus full-time.

I love the suggestion of just mix and matching coaches. Maybe Higgins does like/respect Stubler and can't work with the guy. Plus, its not like Higgins is that great of a choice to begin with.

8) There is no way that Tom Higgens is going to give up that cushy job he has with the CFL to get back into coaching again !!! He is not that crazy !!
   You want Steve Burrato here...oh please, that guy is a complete joke as an OC.  I wouldn't be surprised to see Matthews have him fired before this season is even over  !!!  He sure won't be back in Toronto next year, that's for sure.

  Maybe we should hire Adam Rita as our OC next year  because he undoubtedly will also be fired at seasons end !!

A guy I would be interested in would be George Cortez with Calgary.

Okay Then Lets Name People who like to see Coaching in Hamilton
Head Coach
Defensive Coordinator. & Offensive Coordinator

Make your Picks..

Rich Stubler is obviously a great candidate for DC. I wouldn't want Tom Higgins in here, what did he do with his time there i think he had an overall record of .500 and didnt win more than one playoff game...and that was with a team that had alot more talent than this team does

Stubler yes, the other 2 no effin way!

I'm fine if they keep things the way it is except minus Creehan.

If they look outside the league then Steve Sarkesian (sp?) or Tim Gleisen.

Also both Ritchie Hall and Cortez are well over due for a head coaching gig.