Tom Canada

When Tom gets better and is ready to play again, Who does he belong to ?

They should get his ass on a plane and have Doctors in the Hammer look at him I think its half BS about his sudden Illness.........

he''ll play in wpg next year, they will have 2 strong bookends, canada and ellis

I think that Kashama has more potential than Ellis…saw em both play here.

Perhaps Hamilton will get their other "bookend" in Gavin Walls?

If that's the case then Winnipeg can have Captain Canada.

Gavin Walls is much better than any of their DE's, I believe he's one of the top 3 in the league, definetely top 5. I do believe he's a free agent this year, so lets do all we can to bring him to Hamilton. My order of Top 5 DE's would be:
1.Cam Wake
2.Brent Johnson
3.Gavin Walls
4.Johnathon Brown
5.Fred Perry

Tom Canada belongs to the Bombers. After he said he wasn't coming here, and Zeke said he wasn't coming back here cuz he felt unwanted by the organization, the two GMs got together and made a second trade involving Moreno. Hamilton got some practice roster guy on the Bills and a draft pick from Winnipeg. That's it. That's the deal. Tom Canada doesn't belong to the Cats.

8) That's it in a nutshell !!!
   In other words, Obie got "fleeced".            <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Interesting opinions, all!

I was out near Wpg when this came down, away from InterNet and the Spec, and could only get Wpg Free Press as a newspaper, and their fans were pretty upset at dealing Canada, whereas they seemed fairly delighted at gaining Zeke.

No question Wpg(and the League) really took us to the cleaners on this one; on the other hand the Cats need to take this back to the League and the CFPA, as Tom Canada should be discontinued from his union membership, as I can't see where he has any such "right" to decline a trade, unless it is esconsced in his contract...

It will get interesting over the next week or two, where we are "overstocked" with RB's, and the Green Riders desparately need a good one to complete their run for the Cup; Mr Chick, an outstanding DE, is injured but arguably tradeable as he can recover and be there for us next year...alternatively, a NI OL type that can get it done...and the return of a great draft pick at safety, from unfortunate injury this year...

Even if the trade would have worked we end up with a dork like Tom. I thought we only wanted sweet nice players on the team. Tom for Zeke, !@#$%was Obie into the sauce during that deal. :x