Tom Canada

well, apparently mr canada doesnt like it in winnipeg according to the press.... so i immediately started looking for replacements

id like a proven guy, one thats shown he can play and play well in the CFL.... and i came up with the following:

first option - terrel jurineack: turning 31... has a problem with injuries, but has shown he can be a dominant player in this league... in 2004 he had 7 sacks and 8 tackles in 3 games... yes thats right, 3... in 05 he had 3 sacks in seven games... and in 06 he had 9 sacks in 14 games.... problem with this guy is his injuries, he hasnt played a full season, missed almost all of 2007 with knee injury(unsure of severity) and he mist 11 games in 05 due to injury

second option - Anthony Collier: 28-6'4"-260lbs i was watching an 05 game bombers vs renegades.... and anthony seemed to have charlies number, stopping him many many times before a gain of 5... great run support, had 12 sacks and 21 tackles, 3 picks, and three knockdowns in 13 games in 05... 5 sacks and 5 tackles in 10 games in 06 with hamilton.... and was cut in 07 by hamilton(because of charlton kieth and nautyn mackay loscher)we could probably get him for real cheap because no ones really been interested, and when he really excelled, it was in marshalls D in ottowa... would be great for depth behin terrel givin terrels injury's

third option - Rahim Abdullah: sort of impressive resume, but seems to have lost a step and had some attitude problems in calgary... hes also old, and probably wants a big contract... had 9 sacks and 27 tackles with calgary in 06.. probably his last big year... also 32 years old

who knows maybe taman will bring in another gavin walls or a charlton kieth from downsouth.... but my personal choice out of players i know is terrel with anthony backing him up

....where did it say Canada doesn't want to play in the Peg anymore james123...Last quotes i heard from him after the Cup last yr. sounded positive...He was involved in the community quite a bit and i can't see him changing that drastically....I think its his agent talking and posturing for more cash...and with a sms like we have now...i don't see anyone taking the elastic band off the bankroll and throwing it at any player....however....IF other clubs are prepared to do just that...we better get in the game or start losing our top players.... :roll: :thdn:

this was stated on one of the news releases on the home page. apparently his agent is messing wth taman. Now i remember talking to to him at tairport after the east final and he was absolutly in love with the fans so i don;t see that fact being true. he will ask for more cash or try the NFL i hope he stays though.

IT'S SAD BUT TRUE .... Canada's agent stated to Taman that Tom hates Winnipeg :frowning: ... It was Taman who said this in the media, from his own mouth.

I say good riddence, he was and still is a dominant player, but we DO NOT need someone playing here that does not like it here.'s very important to hear what's not being said by Canada....quote' with the line, CANADAS AGENT SAID.....till i hear it from Toms mouth....i say its a negotiating tactic...' pretty tough words IF they are true for a guy who played his heart out in the Peg....and leaving on that kind of note....well lets just say the fans at his next stop, if he leaves, can take it from there...Toms agent must be getting desperate or just an arse... :thdn:

....Tom is in town .....i wonder IF he's in the Peg to sign a new contract with the sure isn't because he wants to experience what -40 feels like...keep tuned....he sounds postitive(though you never know with tricky Tom) on the spinzone..and that Doug Brown has talked one of his favourite guys in to hanging around....we'll see....i kinda expect an announcement of his signing soon... :wink:

i hope he does decide to come back. i still think alot of what was said was he prick for an agent trying to find out what taman was willing to do for him but you never know. If tommy is in town it is probably because taman wanted a sitdown meeting with himt o discuss what was said and what he would want in a new contract.

That seems like a really cheap negotiating tactic. If his agent honestly said that, then his agent has no class. :roll:

i fully agree, an agent to go to that length to get a better offer is classless and has no values. but if it works well then he has done his job.

But after all is said and done I know I heard more good about the ity and the bomber fans from Canada then anything. and in his defense here is the link to his blog in the Free Press. Take ot for what you will. ... /index.php

That Blog sure reads like a Goodbye Winnipeg to me. I can't see his agent using the hates the city as a negociating tactic if anything its more of a don't try and resign him message to the GM

well he publically stated himself on the spin zone that he loved winnipeg and loved playing here.... so that comment was nothing more then a bad rumor...

and yes it was a good bye winnipeg, but only seemed like the kind of goodbye he had to say every offseason.... nothing permanent

....rumour is Tom has left a signed contract and headed for southern climes....guess we should hear something from Bomber head-office soon....Taman whats the hold-up??????IF..he doesn't sign in the Peg....i think the door has opened a crack...for Mr. Tamans departure...i sure as hell don't want to see no Brian Clarke crap again /// get er done Taman :wink: