Tom Canada - suddenly healthier

We were completely fleeced !!!

It appears Tom Canada will be back playing soon

Although Tom Canada’s health has stabilized, he will remain in the hospital for a few more days.


If this is true the CFL is BUSH league.
I have never said that before. Tom Canada
better be out of football at least till next year or he reports to ti-cats .

If they go on the 9 game injured list I believe they are done for the season at this point but at the very least his rights should have come to Hamilton so that next year he would have had a choice Hamilton or no football.

Good point!! How come the Cats didn't just opt to take Canada anyway and wait until he could play next year. They can't use their draft pick until then either. At least they'd know they have a good D-lineman on the way in Canada!!

Has OB been less than honest with the fans? This is really fishy to me. Frankly, it stinks!!

An Argo-Cat fan

The LAST thing you can expect in a PUBLIC Statement is the TRUTH.

If ANYBODY thinks this was about ANYTHING other than INTERNAL POLITICS then there are a lt of GULLIBLE people out there.

Despite what Obie Wan says: you can't KEEP a PLAYER who has NO PROBLEM with OPEN INSUBORDINATION toward a coach, PERIOD.

Moreno was EJECTED from H-TOWN cuz' he had ZERO R E S P E C T for the Defensive Co-Ordinator, PERIOD.

Back to your regularly schedule Tiger Cat Soap Opera.


gerbear9, what are you taking about???

"The doctors advised him that there should be no contact sport for the next six months, that they were going to have to wait for the spleen to reduce," Berry said. "As you know, whenever you get an enlarged spleen, you have to take care of it and it's a slow process. The good thing is that the condition was found before any major damage was done and we're all looking forward to Tom getting healthy, and getting ready to compete again next year."