Tom Canada signed by the bombers

Sorry that wasnt tom canada signed by the bombers.. that was the goldeyes report.. at 425. my bad. :stuck_out_tongue:
anyways im just tired of all the "stadium" talk.. its tomorrow..

[url=] ... nnipegHome[/url]

theres a good link.. its the same stadium at blue and

check it out.. the same one thats been planned all along.. exactly as its pictured on blue and

tired of all the "possible" trade rumors...

tired of all the " my team is better than yours" eventho i participate in those.

im tired of sitting here talking about what ifs and omg they signed this guy? i know way more than jjoe mack and paul lapolice... i just want the season to be here.. its like +30 out with humidity :stuck_out_tongue: in winter they say with windchill so in summer (spring) im using with humidity and its been and will be like that for the forseeable future. Like c'mon season or training camp... GET HERE ALREADY so all the talk can be relevant again :slight_smile:

you scaared me... i was about to cry out no no no

....NEWS FLASH.....he was traded to the hammer for Moreno but refused to report (can't say as i blame him :lol: ) after that, i don't know what the hell has happened to Tommy....But if you look up some tropical country with some serious river rafting going on,,,,you might find him there :wink: :lol: Good Luck Tom.. :thup: