Tom Canada - Public Enemy #1

Did anyone see this goof on the 6 o'clock news?

We don't need his kind around here ... cocky arrogant prick is what he amounts to.

No I did not see it. What did he have to say

I didn't see it either but the quote I heard was "I have better things to do than go to Hamilton and lose". Now, although this is not the most polite thing to say it is well deserved. If someone calls a fat guy fat it may be hurtful but it is accurate.. The Cats have earned their reputation and we all have blasted them for it.. I for one would be pissed if I were him because he is basically being sent somewhere that has no chance for the Grey Cup this year.. On a side note, he is in the hospital for a ruptured spleen and won't play for the rest of the year anyways..

well he talked about his injury. he is pleased to still be here in winnipeg as he has "bled blue and gold" since he has been here, and he says this is where his heart is. hes very happy he will not be a tiger cat.

i know you guys hate him, but damn, he probably hates you guys more than u guys do him. u guys get bashed by him and dougie so much its funny what they say.

i feel sorry for u guys, u got ZIP! and we take your whole D

our whole D??? Even if you did take our whole D, I dont know if you watch much football but I'm pretty sure you wouldnt want it... Zeke moreno and all.

Our team sucks we accept it, I'm not denying that. Could be worse... I could be a fan of a garbage football team in a city where theres nothing else to do other than watch CFL football.. like oh, say Winnipeg.

don't feed the toll..

I would have loved to see the rights to Canada or Doug Brown traded to the Cats.

Any kid playing schoolyard football knows that players get traded all the time.

If these guys can't stomach the idea of being traded, maybe they shouldn't be playing pro sports.

I seriously doubt this. Ticat fans don't get rid of grudges. Just ask Mike O'Shea, Al McColman, Jake Ireland (who's probably the most honest ref, but we hate him). Rest assured Tom Canada will be booed mercilessly every time he steps foot in IWS (even if he plays for us... that's right, we love booing our own too...).

This is the Hammer. We're fighters, not lovers. And proud of it!

As for feeling sorry for us... please don't cry for us, we're already dead!

In todays Wiinpeg free press..

Asked if Canada would be welcomed back to the organization, especially given they had attempted to trade him, GM Brendan Taman said:

“Yes, he is. I talked to him this afternoon and he’s quite happy to still be a member of our team. We didn’t cut him, we didn’t say, ‘We didn’t want you’, we got Zeke Moreno (for) him and now we were able to get Zeke Moreno without giving him up. I think he’s quite happy. (Head coach) Doug (Berry) talked to him. We didn’t burn any bridges with him nor did he with us so hopefully we can rekindle that.?

Great post...all 'round.
Not sure Canada has usurped Mike O'Shea in my most-hated book, but I will take great pleasure in using every bit of my lungs to rage on him next time he sets foot in Ivor Wynne.