Tom Brady?

Where will Tom Brady end up in 2020?

You mean where will he play while the Patriots club serves its suspension?


I think he’ll be back in New England. I’m not a Pats fan, but i’d like to see them take one more run at it. Need to find him some help at receiver if they want to make any sort of noise next year though. Julian Edelman + nobodies is not enough.

To Baltic, the punishment for the video stuff wont impact Brady’s decision. Loss of a pick, a fine, something like that.

Hopefully the Patriots or he retires. Don’t want to see him go like Johnny Unitas to the Chargers, or Joe Namath to the Rams.

I don’t think he will retire but I do not think he will stay with the Pats. I do think he will stay within the AFC however.

I rule out the Indy Colts who are a logical choice but they were instrumental in deflategate so no.

I kinda think LA or Las Vegas.

If he steps outside the AFC look at Chicago.


No. I don't see him playing for the Patriots. Belichick knows it is time.

Brady may have the owner Bob Kraft's ear again. It's his money.

If he stays, Kraft does not care about winning.

Brady's best bet is to go to another bigger market with a team in need, perhaps out west as did Peyton Manning, and have his swan song. He clearly wants to play and can though has not been elite for two seasons now.

He's still above average for NFL QBs.

Interestingly he's a free agent for one day at the end of his current contract.

If the Patriots don't sign him before the Super Bowl, I figure that will be quite an eventful day in February!

Big risk for Brady if he leaves.

He has played under the same system his entire career.

Division is still weak. The Pats could still take another run.

I think he stays possibly 1-2 years yet.

but what do I know. I watched him play at Michigan and never figured he would even be an NFL back up.

Agree .

Brady needs that Brady style system if he leaves .

You do that and he plays at that execution precision style .

He looks healthy and hungry still which is impressive since you would think he has done everything and more for a career .

Surround him with some talent and he can still execute the game plan .

…I’m pretty sure that whatever team he lands on the owner/coach won’t have any issue importing whatever system #12 wants to employ…

Damn right - Peyton Manning or Brett Favre didn't have that issue either.

It's not like he lands in a place like Baltimore either.

All I know about Brady is that I hope he retires before Brees.