Tom Brady vs. his woman

Let the speculation begin on what the tiff is.

Here's mine: His woman wants to take him and the kids to Europe for a month-long arts and crafts festival and Tom is totally against it because it would bore him to death and it's during football season.

When his woman proposed the arts and crafts festival, Tom's only out was to come out of retirement.

What are your speculations about this? Your ideas?

whats the point

It's EZ.

There is no point.

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Well his current wife is going to war with more than half a billion in assets on the line (in US dollars) so this breakup has some fireworks potential.

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What makes you think this is going to end in divorce?

This could very well be like the movie Cinderella Man. The guy does what he has to do, with his woman objecting. She comes back a little later and supports him.

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Gee I understand Tom excelled in basket weaving in special class at school so he must have an artistic side. Your kidding of course ?

You do know she has a name, and is not one of his possessions...right


I forgot their names but from what I've heard Brady has a bunchen women.


19-3 over the Cowboys.

Arts and Crafts European tour with his main squeeze will have to wait


My partly educated guess is that the matter is overall about as simple as in any given marriage or relationship when she is retired before he is retired and then she's there waiting for him but the guy is not having it because a lot of guys can't retire or is the case I have seen far more often, he can't stand being at home with her so much after only a week or so.

I remember about a decade ago when I was calling a plumbing firm in Florida for emergency help for a client like many calls to plumbers of course.

This old guy with the same name as of the firm was on the other end of the phone and I found out he was the company founder and owner, and he had a sizable firm. I was surprised he was on the phone with "lil' ol' me" only starting out in that job after I moved to Florida.

As I was on the phone with him, he was helpful and then he tells me, "You know I retired a few weeks ago. We had a party with cake and everything. Then I was home, and I couldn't stand it."

And so after a few weeks at home, he came on back in a scaled down role helping out like that. Good for him I thought plus he was like original gangsta cool.

If he were here, he probably would be on the Board of Governors of the CFL Council of Geezers too.

There is no telling what his wife said or didn't say about any of this. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Alright here it is via Elle magazine from an interview from a month ago.

I sense here a big nothing-burger as the collective media were fishing for a real story because everybody secretly wants to be TMZ Sports these days but most suck at it anyway.

The interview was before Tom Brady took a few days off from camp with the Bucs. Apparently they all went to The Bahamas for a family vacation. BIG DEAL!

This situation is hardly unique to any given couple together for years with kids.

I figure Tom Brady has one more season for the road given some of his comments as well.

See what you think, but this is no scandal and the like.