Tom Brady out for the season!

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Wow - Not a good start for the Pat's

Ouch. That's not good. Forget the Superbowl, they'll be in tough to make the playoffs!

I still maintain Cowboys-Chargers SB, with Dallas winning.

The Cowboys su-ck!! Go Eagles!!!!

I still think that the Cowboys will implode and ruin their chances, Now my Saints, I think have a real good shot at going all the way. The best offense once Deuce is back, and a very much improved defence should signal at least an NFC Championship game.

this is good and bad at the same time....its good because i cant stand the patriots and it will be great to see a postseason without them in it.

It's bad because i used my first pick in my fantasy league on him :frowning:

Good thing i got Derek Anderson on my roster.

But now who do i pick up off of waivers?

Matt Schaub?
Jeff Garcia?
JaMarcus Russel?
Matt Ryan?
Chad Pennington?
Trent Edwards?


Take Trent Edwards, good young team thats got talent all around him.

But ya the patriots are screwed, the only player that could have went down instead of him that would have made me happier (not that i'm happy that he's hurt but the fact that the Pat's aren't contenders now) is Payton Manning (can't stand him or the colts).

OH and Beware my Cardinals....u heard it here first

Last years Giants win left such a bad taste in my mouth for NFL. After 28 yrs, I have absolutely no enthusiasm for NFL this yr at all, sigh