Tom Brady, Michael Strahan team up for a TV series

No, it’s not another remake of The Odd Couple, although one of the guys about to be named is a failed sitcom actor and the other had a successful cameo in Ted 2 as a potential donor of something other than blood. Via the Hollywood Reporter, Hall of Fame defensive end Michael Strahan and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will team up for a new TV series that explores the impact of sports in society

The first season will look at, among other things, NASCAR events, the CFL’s Calgary Stampede, and the rise of the UFC.

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I am sure it is a spelling mistake or they would not have put in CFL.

Doesn't quite make since, are they going to look at the Calgary Stampeders or are they looking at the rodeo and the Calgary Stampede.

Ever notice now, how many online articles have spelling or incomplete sentences. I guess when the media starting moving from papers to online, they fired all the editors.

...if you dig deeper into one of the links, it's about the Calgary Stampede....has nothing to do with the CFL...